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Fidel Castro:Modern Day Dictator,An Evil Dictator Who Has Ruled For 44 Years, When Will His Rule End???

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Even though people are much better educated about dictatorship, some things will never change. Dictators have always been around, hopefully though, this will not continue forever. Most of the worst dictators are dead now, like Stalin and Hitler, but there are still many modern day dictators who exist. One of these men is Fidel Castro, leading Cuba. Fidel Castro has ruled for a total of 44 years so far, and it does not seem like the people are willing to do what would need to be done to get rid of him.After the Cuban Revolution many changes occurred in Cuba. Cuba was once a corrupt dictatorship, now and for the past 44 years Castro has led a communist government. Before Castro overthrew ...view middle of the document...

Besides not allowing free elections, "Castro placed the press under strict censorship, and sentenced to death a number of his political enemies." (George Welling 1). In the 1999 country reports on human rights practices, this was said about Castro: ``Cuba is a totalitarian state controlled by President Fidel Castro, who is chief of state, head of government, first secretary of the Communist Party and commander in chief of the armed forces. President Castro exercises control over all aspects of Cuban life through the Communist Party and its affiliated mass organizations, the government bureaucracy and the state security apparatus."(The Miami Herald 1)As far as human rights go, In Cuba it just seems to be getting worse and worse. In that same human rights report was this comment: ``Cuba's human-rights record further deteriorated over the past year. . . . Cuban authorities routinely harassed, threatened, arbitrarily arrested, detained, imprisoned and defamed human-rights advocates and independent professionals.'' (The Miami Herald 1). Also in Cuba, there are several unjust and unnecessary restrictive laws. Lending books, for example, is a crime, and any independent organizations are not allowed. Law also forbids freedom of speech and association."90 percent of the general population despise the regime. The rest is part of Castro's privileged ruling elite who, for personal economic and security reasons, are afraid of the consequences inherent in the collapse of the regime. His longevity is not a factor of popular support." (Blazquez 1). He holds most of his power because of repression and fear. Over 15,000 Cubans have been executed by firing squads, thousands...

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