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Erik Castanon
Dr. Johnson
EDUC 2130
December 12, 2018
Eye Opening Experience
Being a paraprofessional has opened my eyes to an unfamiliar perspective in being an educator. I have had the opportunity to work with Kindergarteners and work with 7th grade middle schoolers. In this essay I will take you through a journey and take you on what I have experienced as paraprofessional in five months and what difficulties I have stumble upon and how Education 2130 has helped me out. Learning how to work with students and how to work with teachers and staff to educate the students to the best of the ability that we can. I will also introduce some of my students that I have been helping for the past five months and how I have been challenged to get them to where they are now and how much they have grown as first-time students in a school in the United states. As I got to meet new teacher and new staff in just one month to me it was something so real because at first, I was placed in the elementary school that I went to when I was young, and I was glad that I got to go back and work with them for two weeks with them to make a difference. Seeing the students in the middle school rushing to class and also getting mistaken as a student is one of the best things that happened to me this year it was in the beginning I was walking to my classroom late and they called me and asked why I was walking around and then they saw that I was a worker here and just their expression in their face it was the best.
The first time I had heard about the R.I.S.E program I was interested right away it offered great opportunities and it gave me the chance to continue my education after high school and gave me the opportunity to work with children and with the Hall County School district. I was months way from graduating high school and my Spanish teacher pulled me and other students and mentioned this program to us and it really caught my attention and I thought to myself that this was an opportunity that doesn’t always come around and I should really take it. After getting more information from the program the part that really got my attention was the position as a paraprofessional. I thought to myself that going in to a job and working with real students was such an amazing opportunity. After getting assigned to my fist school which was Lyman Hall Elementary I was placed with kindergarten and the first day was amazing the children did good. Working with a teacher was different to me because I was fresh out of high school and already working for the same district I went to school for. After a week of working with them I was moved by the county to a different school at Academy of Discovery at South Hall Middle School. I was placed in 7th grade math and I work with two class periods and half of one class. Some of the students that I have in my class room are non-English speakers and with others that need a little extra help to understand the concepts that ...


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