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Fighting Essay

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I said "other" The most practicle form of fighting is good fighting.I have seen good fighting in all of the above. One does not have to be the best fighter in his or her group to be a good fighter! Nor does the art he or she studies have to be the best of the best for one to be a good ...view middle of the document...

In-so-far-as those principles are taught within all systems to some extent, the posibilities of a good fighter cannot be determined by any particular general style.A friend of mine when he was in high school matched himself against a dancer. My friend had a Shotokan black belt, the dancer, well, he was a dancer who wanted to fight. Someone yelled go and that dancer was all over my firiend. Who would have thought it? Afterward, my crest-fallen friend sat down and said "I will never hold back on anyone, ever again" That day, he learned one of the principles of good street fighting. Although (to his credit) he never brought that attitude into the dojo. Yes, I am saying that there is a major diffrence between what one does when training and what one does when actually fighting.IMHO

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