Fina 410 Paypal Business Valuation - Concordia - Paypal Project

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Paypal Holdings Inc.
Yujia Cheng (27380100)
Sonia Notarangelo (27490666)
Enrico Donofrio (26462855)
William Sirois (40027803)
❏ US GDP growth : 2.3% (2017, World Bank)
❏ Inflation: (2018) 1.9%, (F2019) 2.0%
❏ Employment Rate: (May 2018) 3.9%
(declining with the Republican Government)
❏ Risk-free rate: 3.122% on the 10th year US
❏ Market return of US 10 year: 10.434%
❏ US Corporate Tax Rate: 21%(Paypal 18.4%)
(10-K, February 2018)
1. The Consumer: Pay for goods
through issuing bank
2. The Merchant : Need a merchant
bank to accept debit/credit
3. The Technology : Enables
interaction between consumer &
❏ Payment gateway→ links shopping
cart with the processing network
❏ Payment processor→ moves
transaction through network,
sending you a billing statement
Key p
Issuing Bank
Payment Processor
(handle payment support)
Acquiring Bank
Paypal belongs to
❏ 1988 : Established as a money transfer
❏ 2000: Combination, acquired by ebay
❏ 2011: Cooperate with credit card
❏ Nowadays...
Apple Pay03
➢ Greatest threat to Paypal
➢ Contactless payment
processing & wirelessly
communicates with POS
➢ IOS software
Google Pay02
➢ Digital wallet platform
➢ Payment processor
➢ Engineered for Android
Amazon Pay01
➢ Payment processing
➢ Millions of customers
➢ Shop & purchase goods
directly from website
❏ 2015 active registered Paypal users
→ 173 million
❏ Today (3rd Quarter of 2018) active
Paypal account world wide
→ 254 million
g a 15
% yea
r on y
ear gr
❏ 2015: Paypal net # of processed
payments → 1216 Million
❏ Third quarter of 2018: Paypal ...

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