Final Analysis: Remember The Titans Naugatuck High School English Pee Paragraph Narrative Technique

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Remember the Titans Video Sheet Questions:
1. What was integration in 1971 at T. C. Williams High School? Why was it such a problem?
· Having White and African-American go to same school
2. What position is Coach Boone put into when he is told that he is appointed head coach of the football team with:
Coach Yoast: he feels he is taking his job
the black community: feel for the first time that an African-American has been given a leadership role in the community
3. Coach Boone applies the statement, “this is not a democracy” to his players and coaching staff. How effective is this as a leadership approach? Why?
· Authoritative
· Effective because he needed to bring his players together and they would have voted along racial lines
4. How is music used in the movie to initially show the separation of the groups and then bring them together?
· Music shows the cultural division that exists between the two groups
5. What does Gary Bertier learn about his leadership and attitude from Julius and the Rev?
· Playing favorites – protecting everyone- not standing up to his friend Ray, and protect Rev
6. Coach Boone takes the team on the night run to where 50,000 men died at the battle of Gettysburg. What was the fight that they are “still fighting today?”
· Fight between races
7. Before the first game of the season, Coach Boone tells the team that they are already winners. Why does he believe this?
· They pulled through rac...


Remember the Titans: A Film Analysis

1644 words - 7 pages they did not enjoy the experience thoroughly. “Remember the Titans” has a strong magnet for Americans, as already mentioned, because it features an incredibly popular sport. It was a smart move from the creators of the movie to use this sport as the carrying vessel for their racial message. If the movie had been only about the topic of racial integration in a high school, for example, then it would have lost part of its audience. The students

This Paper Describes The Change Leaders, Agents And Targets In The Movie "Remember The Titans"

3478 words - 14 pages Remember the Titans takes place in a time when the world is changing and they are being faced to deal with it. The racial problems going on in the seventies were severely disturbing to the town of Alexandria, Virginia because they were being forced to integrate two schools. There are riots and extreme dislike between everyone involved. It is at this time that the football team is getting their first taste of what their season is going to be like

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2451 words - 10 pages ever, only now telling Sanjay of his recent encounter with one of Ganesh Anna’s men, who had obviously become aware of his deal with the police. Kalu urged Sanjay to stop worrying and continue with the work at hand. The rustle of a bush made both of the boys jump, but only to be brushed off when they saw the pair of sparrows land just a few metres away. Finishing with this dumpster the two had made serious progress, Oberoi was the final stop that