Final Bibiliography About Support For Students With Mental Illness Ashford/Information Literacy Assignment

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Completing the Annotated Bibliography
Aushunay LaCour
GEN103: Information Literacy
Maria Sonntag
August 8, 2018
The rise of gun violence in schools and the increase of suicide amongst teens people has caused people to question what resources are being provided to students in schools. It has been shown that in order to best support students schools must improve the support they provide to students with mental disorders and other mental health issues.
Venville, A., Mealings, M., Ennals, P., Oates, J., Fossey, E., Douglas, J., & Bigby, C. (2016). Supporting Students with Invisible Disabilities: A Scoping Review of Postsecondary Education for Students with Mental Illness or an Acquired Brain Injury. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 63(6), 571-592. doi:10.1080/1034912x.2016.1153050
The main purpose of this journal was to study report intervention used to assist students with mental illnesses. The journal is a research article. It consists of an abstract, introduction, background information, definition/keywords, and of course the findings of the study. The author uses a mapping research method that allows them to review other research material of the topic that they are studying. The author discovers various forms of intervention that is currently being implemented to support students with mental illness to pursue post-secondary education. The author also finds out the outcome of the students due to a lack of resources or if the interventions aren’t accessible to the students. The author draws their findings by studying the work created by other intellectuals. The source allows me to show the effects of how support or lack of support effects the students. Also, gives me information on the different kind of interventions available to students.
Andrews, A., Mccabe, M., & Wideman-Johnston, T. (2014). Mental health issues in the schools: Are educators prepared? The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice, 9(4), 261-272. doi:10.1108/jmhtep-11-2013-003
The purpose of this source is to study teacher’s knowledge and education when it comes to working with students with mental illnesses. Also, what resources are available to teachers to further expand on their knowledge. The source explores teacher’s knowledge on the subject and discus the implications. The author discovered that teachers don’t have the knowledge or the resources to serve and support students with mental illnesses. They are uses surveys from various teachers to support their claim. Also, draws from work created by other intellectuals. Compared to the other sources this source allows me to have a teacher perspective. Also, this source shows how educators feel about th...


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