Final Debate Argument As To Why To Be Anti-immigrant - LAR 101 - Final Debate Argument

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Anti Immigration
There are many reasons that immigrants would want to come to America even if that
means doing it illegally. Even though they are coming for a better life, they are not thinking of
the negative impacts it is having on the people who live here. Crime rate, cost, and education are
huge factors that are negatively impacted because of illegal immigrants we have in the US.
Donald Trump was just elected as our new president. One of his biggest platforms from his
campaign was his stance against illegal immigration and the deportation of illegal immigrants.
Trump created a 10 point plan to ensure than Americans are put first and to reform immigration
laws. Obviously the majority of our country agrees that something has to be done about the
amount of illegal immigrants that are in the country and the effects that they have because he
was elected. Illegal immigrants have the title illegal for a reason, if they do not have the right to
be here we should not allow it nor find easier ways to make it possible. If the goal is to make
America great again, then we need to focus on the true Americans and the legal citizens of this
country. Crime rates are higher and illegal immigrants make up a smaller numbers of our
population but account for a decent percentage of the country’s crime rate. Illegal aliens cost this
country billions of dollars and send the states individually further into debt. The education
system is greatly affected by the overwhelming amounts of illegal immigrants who lack in
knowledge of the english language, which creates a high demand for dual language teachers,
which in turn cost more money. Again the negative effects are too great to ignore and affect the
legal citizens of this country which is unacceptable.
Illegal immigration is a problem that affects all Americans and it has been a problem for way too
long. This phenomenon is not new and annually thousands come into the United States through
the Mexico border, by the Pacific Ocean, or through many other ways. There are many problems
that develop from illegal immigration, including rising crime rates, costing our economy billions
of dollars, and sacrificing the education of Americans. Illegal immigrants have too many
negative effects on our country as a whole, to even consider legalizing them because of the time,
money, and resources that they take up. Illegal immigrants have a relatively high rate of crime
and they commit a disproportionate share of crimes. They have committed high profile crimes
that have sent shock-waves throughout communities. Think about the innocent lives because of
illegal immigration. Schools spend over eleven billions annually educating children who are not
our own. It is money that we should be spending to on the embetterment of the education of
American children. Illegal immigrants cost states billions of dollars in fees and cause
overspending of states’ budgets. The amount that they are costing the taxpayers...

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