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November 26 2017
Nuclear Depression
A nuclear weapon is a device designed to release energy in an explosive manner as a result of nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, or a combination of the two processes. Once its launched it can end the lives of several thousands of people. Its one of the most dangerous weapons on the planet earth. My job here in 2044 is to be the foreman of the worlds largest nuclear bomb shelter located in Kansas City. We can sustain up to 100 people for 100 years which is about to come in handy because we just started a nuclear war against Iran.
The citizens of Kansas City immediately came running to our facility and 97 of 100 slots have been filled by people who were first in line to get into the shelter. That leaves us with 3 slots left and 200 people on the waiting list to choose from. My first selection is Henry Stevens, 12 year old son of Bradley Stevens and Emily Stevens. While Henry isn’t yet old enough to have a job, he is a grade school student at North Kansas elementary school. When Henry was just 10 he was recruited as a cub scout and now has 2 years of experience on how to survive when stranded.
The perks of choosing Henry is that he cant enter by himself because he is still a minor and needs a guardian to enter with him. We allow him to choose who he would like to enter with him and after a long thought process he chooses his mother, Emily Stevens, who was a college drop out and was recently diagnosed with severe depression. We chose them because its like a two for one special. They’re both healthy and able to be active in case of emergency, and they both know how to survive off very little considering the fact the mom know how to garden and plant crops and the son is a two year experienced cub scout.
My next selection would be Mr. Dillon Wu, who has taken over his adoptive fathers business as a contractor. Mr Dillion Wu is 32 years of age and has been in the construction industry for 20 years. He masters in multiple sections of construction work but mainly basic structural engineering and blue print design.
Our reasons for selecting Mr. Wu was because he runs marathons every year as a hobby which means he is very athletic which means his stamina is high and he can run from predators or hunt for food. On the bad side Mr. Wu is HIV positive and has a marijuana habit. Mr Wu responds well to an HIV Cocktail which is therapy treatment in a medicine. He has a month left of supply to run off of in case we get stuck in here for a while but after that month he’ll have to start using the medicine that we have at the facility.
Last up we’ve selected 76 year old Mr. Hunter Thompson. Mr. Thompson is noted as a cultural icon and has posted several books and arils to help define the 60’s countercultural movement, and the American elections of the 70’s. Although he has had a smoking habit and has used all types of illegal drugs throughout his life time, he is pretty healthy ...


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