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12 October 2018 Jamal Wallace
In the movie ‘Finding Forrester’, Jamal Wallace is focused, intelligent and persistent. Jamal Wallace is not a studied literary writer, but he has the ability to do great things. He will never be doubted for his abilities as he continues to write even when he faces difficulties.
Firstly, Jamal shows his focus and willingness by receiving great educational offers and instruction. Through the movie, we learned that Jamal is a C student who surprisingly does well on tests. As it was shown in the movie, Jamal's mom was surprised when she was told that Jamal excels his test greatly while being a C student. Although Jamal was a C student, he was also a great athlete. Next, when Jamal is at Mr. Forresters home he only asked questions about literature and being in a writing contest. When Jamal asked to bring his writing over to have it checked by Mr. Forrester he got a reply of “How about 5,000 words on why you should stay the f*** out of my house”. Mr. Forester didn't think Jamal would come back with what he said sarcastically. Although, he did do so. He is dedicated to his learning of literature.
Secondly, Jamal shows his intelligence by excelling athletically and academically. In the movie, Jamal has shown his intelligence in various situations. For an example, Jamal is approached by a private school because of his remarkable basketball talent. No one at the school believed that Jamal had academic capabilities. They only believe that he was there to play basketball. Another example of Jamal’s intelligence was at a class. A teacher had accused Jamal of plagiarism. However, Jamal proved he was innocent of plagiarism. During his free time, he reads quite often so he achieved good literature. Another...

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