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Finest Young Man In Rome Essay

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Finest Young Man in Rome Family, friends, money, honor, carrier, there are many important things in life. What people are willing to do to achieve their dreams and goals? Some of them would do anything to get what they really want. They would cheat, steal, and kill, just to be the best of all. Rufinus, the main character of Finest Young Man in Rome, by James Wright, have to decide how far he can go to serve his family. His mother wants him to kill his best friend, Manlius, to get the power. He has to choose between his mother, friend, honor, priesthood, and family. Whatever he decides, someone must be killed. He got three choices: he can kill his mother, his friend, or himself. ...view middle of the document...

Manlius was "the finest young man in the city". He was "accomplished soldier and administrator". He was the consul of Rome. Rufinus loved his friend. He admired and respected him. He never wanted to be competitors with him. He wanted to work together with him to accomplish things than they could not achieve alone. Rufinus did not want to betray his friend. After his mother reviled all harassing things about his friend, he could change his opinion. It was possible that his friend betrayed him and because of him his father is dead. Manlius could listen and serve his family. Rufinus was not sure of anything, but he would not do anything to harm Manlius. The last reason that Rufinus will kill himself is because of his honor. He is very honorable man. He wouldn't do anything to dishonor himself. If would kill Manlius, he would not only lost his best friend but he would also harm all Romans who loved him. Manlius was a consul of Rome. Everyone admired him for his achievements. He was a good soldier, administrator and poet. Rufinus couldn't betray his...

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