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The scientific name for burning is "combustion." In most cases oxygen from the air combines with some material that can burn. This produces heat. If the process takes place rapidly, we may see flames or an intense glow which is called fire.Chemically during combustion, two atoms of oxygen from the air combine with one atom of carbon from the fuel to form carbon dioxide.How Fires Get Extinguished?An understanding of how fires burn is essential if a fire is to be extinguished. The three (3) major elements of fire are: a) air; b) heat; and, c) fuel. All three of th ...view middle of the document...

There are other fire extinguishers which work on chemical reaction. We give below the description of such types of fire extinguishers.1. The high-pressure CO2 extinguisher removes oxygen and, to a certain extent, heat. The expanding CO2 cools, sometimes enough to produce dry ice snow, but the main effect is to blanket the burning material with a heavy gas that cannot support combustion. CO2 extinguishers leave no residue. CO2 extinguished materials usually retain enough heat to re-ignite when the CO2 dissipates. CO2 extinguishers are normally red and have large nozzles. These are used mostly for fire caused by burning of Electrical fires.2. Halon extinguishers normally contain bromochlorodifluoromethane, a very heavy gas (much heavier than CO2). This not only displaces oxygen from around the fire but chemically reacts in a way that shuts down combustion. It decomposes into chlorine and bromine radicals, which scavenge hydrogen radicals essential for keeping combustion going. Halon extinguishers, like CO2 extinguishers chemically shut down combustion. They are being phased out because of the damage chlorofluorocarbons do to the ozone layer. Especially good for electrical fires.WEBSITE:


Chinese fire bellied toad Essay

401 words - 2 pages Natural HistoryThe Chinese fire bellied toad also known as Bombina orientalis is one of 6 members of the genus Bombina. It is found at 1700-3000 m above sea level in southeastern Siberia, northeastern China and Korea. It spends most of the time floating or swimming in ponds and streams. They will grow to a size of 5-6 cm. They are green or brown with black spots and patches, except for the ventral region that is red and black.DescriptionOne

Man On Fire - Film Review

1208 words - 5 pages Man on Fire opens with quick flashes of a variety of scenes. Glimpses of what appears to be a city in Mexico; someone being kidnapped; a phone call where a demand for a ransom is made; the release of the victim on a busy street... The pace and intent of the movie is set within the few minutes of the opening credits.Pulled from Greg's previews at This movie is based upon the novel "Man on Fire" by A.J. Quinnell, which was

Report On Lady Of Angels Fire

585 words - 3 pages This Documentary narrated the tragedy of the Our Lady of Angels School. On December 1st, 1958, at the end of the day, as students waited for the final bell, a fire raged unnoticed in the northeast stairwell. By the time they became aware of it, the fire has rampaged the second floor. Trapped students were propelled to make the painful decision between jumping out of the window and remaining inside the raging inferno. Firefighters and other

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Eng223 - Essay

654 words - 3 pages Escorza 4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry Potter is a young man that faces many difficult challenges through his life. One specifically that the series is centered on is Harry training up to defeat Voldemort, who is the villain that killed his parents. While watching the Goblet of Fire it really connected with me because Harry had endured a hardship in life and now is on a journey to overcome it. During this film there were many

Fire Analysis on the building of Tani Hall. Discusses escape routes and fire protection. - Southeastern Louisiana University/Oshe 261 - Analysis

623 words - 3 pages Free Castiglione 2 Hailey Castiglione Chris Kuiper OSHE 261-Project 1 26 March 2018 Fire Safety Analysis My name is Hailey Castiglione and I currently live in Tangipahoa Hall on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus and serve as a Resident Assistant (commonly known as an RA) on the third floor. Being an Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment major guides me in my Resident Assistant position. The other RAs and I do health and safety

The Role Of Survival In Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge And Build A Fire

1123 words - 5 pages The instinct to survive is found deep within the human nature. It is that which keeps every individual driven to fight through the toughest circumstances in order to remain their existence. The short stories “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce and “To Build a Fire” by Jack London each are linked to the role of survival that exists in every individual. Each of these author’s pieces of literature are

FAHRENHEIT 451: The temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns

2382 words - 10 pages FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury This one, with gratitude, is for DON CONGDON. FAHRENHEIT 451: The temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns PART I IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BURN IT was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some

Powerlessness and vulnerability in Once in a House on Fire - English - Essay

866 words - 4 pages Abigail Silvers Write about the ways in which powerlessness and vulnerability are depicted on pages 81-83 and elsewhere in the novel, making reference to relevant contextual issues. In the extract, Ashworth portrays Lorraine as vulnerable and helpless, and shows the effect of moving to Canada on Peter’s character, as he cuts off her only connection to home by ‘[tearing] he phone cord out of the wall, [so] the line to Gran hung dead in his hand

Crabbe Assignment building a campfire - author Sue Tkachuk - Critical Report

1529 words - 7 pages Free a few fires, you'll get a feel for how these categories pertain to stages of the fire. The fuel should be as dry as possible. Look under logs and roots to fine dry wood. Clumps of pitch and birch bark make good fire starters. If you have a saw and ax, dry kindling can be split out of the center of standing dead wood. This will be dry even in the wettest conditions. 1. Clear an area for your fire. Make sure you have a flat area, preferably

Technology Save My Life

597 words - 3 pages "Smoke alarms save lives. But, those who are deaf or hard of hearing cannot depend on the sound of regular alarm to alert them of a fire. There are now a variety of smoke alarms on the market that combine sound, vibration, and strobe lights to alert those with limited hearing in case there is a fire in the house." From NFPA Fact Sheet.Fire alarms that flash and vibrate are important in saving lives, especially for the hearing impaired. Our lives

Tennessee Williams- A Glass Mangerie - Honors English - Essay

617 words - 3 pages Free A Path Out Of Hell Is there such thing as destiny in life? In the play The Glass Menagerie written by Tennessee Williams is a play about a mother named Amanda and her two kids Laura and Tom Wingfield. The mother wants her son and daughter to help earn money, since it's only them three after their father left and the only thing they got from him is a postcard from Mexico. Throughout the play the symbol of fire escape is displayed repeatedly, and

Colorado Emergencies

718 words - 3 pages good item to have if a fire has engulfed your home is a fire extinguisher which might help clear the path so you can get to safety. Also, try and prep your home for a fire emergency by having material that are chemically treated to resist fires. Having a plan on what to do in a fire will also help all of those in your house to be ready when the time occurs.Fires occur around 2500 times a year in Colorado, so they are common. Most of the fires are

The Triangle shirtwaist Factory - BRONX Community world humanities - Essay

1072 words - 5 pages Yesebel Burgos H “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” The primary sources concerning “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” provide lost of information regarding this historical event. Alongside the documentary, the two primary sources chose are “141 Men and Girls Die in Waist Factory Fire; Trapped High Up in Washington Place Building; Street Strewn with Bodies; Piles of Dead Inside” and “Stories of Survivors. And Witnesses and Rescuers

Goodman Brown Essay/ Bookreport

798 words - 4 pages Have you ever had one of those days when you can't tell the difference between a dream and reality? You just want to pinch yourself because everything is so unbelievable. In the story "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathanial Hawthorne Goodman brown must have been dreaming. First because Faith's (Goodman Brown's wife) pink ribbon can't be in two places at the same time. Second the rock was cold and wet when a little before it was on fire. And the twig

Eric Liddell

295 words - 2 pages I believe that Chariots of Fire was a good portrayal of Eric Liddell's life. Some of the reasons I believe this are:First, they showed that he would not run on Sunday because it was the Lord's Day and this was very true of the real Eric Liddell. This was his main life principle. To serve God and do what was right in his sight.Second, it showed his love for running. He was willing to be separated from his family even though he would miss them a