Fire Analysis On The Building Of Tani Hall. Discusses Escape Routes And Fire Protection. Southeastern Louisiana University/Oshe 261 Analysis

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Castiglione 2
Hailey Castiglione
Chris Kuiper
OSHE 261-Project 1
26 March 2018
Fire Safety Analysis
My name is Hailey Castiglione and I currently live in Tangipahoa Hall on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus and serve as a Resident Assistant (commonly known as an RA) on the third floor. Being an Occupational, Safety, Health and Environment major guides me in my Resident Assistant position. The other RAs and I do health and safety inspections each month to ensure the quality, health, and safety of our building. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to analyze the fire protection part of my building instead of the health part like I usually focus on.
The prime use of this building is to create a happy and healthy community for Southeastern’s students to live. This residential hall primarily houses science and business majors. Located on the first and third floor are lobbies for residents to study or hangout. Each floor contains 20-22 rooms depending on if a lobby is present. Our students really appreciate living here because it is so well kept and the environment we create is very welcoming.
Contribution to the method of fire safety from this building come in various forms. There are stairwells on both sides on the building with fire resistant doors as entry and exit points. Each room is supplied with fire retardant mattresses, dresser drawers, armoires, desks, and bed frames. We have strict rules on the items the residents can bring into the building also. Items that are prohibited are candles, incense, toaster ovens, toasters, furniture that is not supplied, hot plates, torch style lamps, electric space heaters, and plug in multi-outlet boxes. Southeastern also has a 24-hour on-call fire marshal employed by the housing office for any questions, concerns, or emergencies. Furthering, our campus is tobacco and smoke free which means absolutely no cigarettes or vapes are allowed in...

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