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First Knight Movie Evaluation Essay

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First Knight is Full of Zingy EnergyFirst Knight brings forth a very interesting twist to the Camelot tale. The movie begins with a horrific attack from King Malagant on the neighboring land of Leonesse where Queen Guinevere rules. Leonesse is defenseless against Malagant's armies; therefore, causing Guinevere to rely upon her next-door neighbor and soon to be husband King Arthur. First Knight is a very exciting movie full of action, romance and betrayal.First Knight is full of action; this keeps the audience on the edge of their seats screaming for more. The action scenes within this movie are what really help it from being a waste of time. First Knight is full of zingy energy. The battles are done exceptionally well and the swordplay is exhilarating. The most enjoyable action scene is ...view middle of the document...

Though this movie features a cliché of a classic love triangle it still manages to be successful. Lancelot tells the Queen that he truly believes in the ideals of the Round Table and for him to better serve it he decides its best if he leaves Camelot. Guinevere declines this decision and tries to talk him into staying. It is during this time that Guinevere allows Lancelot to receive the kiss that he had won a long time ago. King Arthur unexpectedly walks in and witnesses the kiss between the Queen and Lancelot. The twists in the plot help build the story and make it more interesting. King Arthur feels betrayed and decides that Guinevere and Lancelot will be judged in public. Malagant's betrayal of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table gives First Knight a nice sense of good versus evil. During the marriage ceremony a messenger arrives with news of Malagant taking Leonesse. Arthur then leads his own army to Queen Guinevere's home and takes back the village. The tyrant Malagant will not stop there and soon after that he attacks Camelot. The attack happens while Lancelot is stating to the King that the Queen is innocent for the kiss that happened between them. With the help of the Knights of the Round Table, the civilians of Camelot and Lancelot the villain is defeated and peace is restored. Lancelot kills Malagant with King Arthur's sword on the throne that he once desired. King Arthur calls Lancelot his first knight; therefore, Lancelot will inherit all of Camelot. In conclusion, First Knight is a great movie. With a small mixture of action, romance and betrayal this movie can be enjoyed by anyone. With the action keeping the movie adventurous, the romance helping build upon the story and the betrayal giving the movie a nice sense of good versus evil. This movie would be a good rental for any occasion.

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