First Of Three Important Wars Broke Out Between The Romans And The North American Empire Of Carthage English Essay

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The First Punic War 
In 264 BCE, the first of three important wars broke out between the Romans and                             
the North American Empire of Carthage. These wars were caused by vicious hungry                         
nations that were in the process of expanding their empire or invading other lands. The                             
Romans declared war so that they could limit Carthaginians power. ​Rome had become                         
the ruling power throughout the Italian peninsula, while Carthage the wealthiest and                       
most advanced city in northern Africa.   
The first Punic war started with a request in Messina for the Romans to help them                                 
to defeat the Carthaginians. Rome saw this to be a good opportunity to stop the                             
expansion of the Carthaginian Empire and the possible attack on Italy. The Carthaginians                         
were told that they must stop their invasion or war would be waged on. They did not                                 
stop and Rome declared war.  
After the victory over Carthage, the Romans began surrounding Greek cities that                         
allied with the Carthaginians and the Romans sac...


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