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If I were to describe my first year in America in three words, they would be exciting, strange, and difficult. First of all, I would describe it as exciting because of all the new and amazing places I get to visit, that I've never visited in my entire life. Secondly, I would describe it as strange because American culture is a lot different from my native country culture. Thirdly, I would describe it as difficult because it was difficult for me to find a job or go to places without knowing how to speak English. In conclusion, there are many good reasons why I would describe my first year in America as exciting, strange, and difficult.First, when I arrived in America, my family and friends here took me to places I've never been before in my entire life. For example, they took me to Great America, where I had the most fun riding roller coasters and scary rides. Also, they took me to Marine World, where I get to see a really large killer whale up so close. In addition, they took me to the Golden Gate bridge which is the longest and the largest bridge I've ever seen. To conclude, I got to visit many fun and amazing places thanks to my family and friends.Second, it was strange for me to find American culture being so different from my native country culture.


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791 words - 4 pages you cannot communicate then you cannot be a good teacher. Even though I am an introvert that does not mean that I cannot become a teacher, working with my enthusiasm and interest would change the way I communicate with students. Teachers not only have to communicate with their students, they also have to communicate with the parents and other faculty members as well. There are three main abilities to become a teacher. First of all, Classroom

What is Politics in Defence of Politics by Bernard Crick? - University First Year - Essay

1013 words - 5 pages POL105 – What is Politics? In Defence of Politics by Bernard Crick, What is Politics: The Activity and its Study by Adrian Leftwich and Structures of Power by J.J. Schwarzmantel explore the definition and relevance of politics in their respective texts. All three authors explain the meaning of politics and its relation or importance to political tools such as power, state and resources. Although, their definitions of the subject differ in many

How does Eliot present the individual within a relationship in Middlemarch's 'Three Love Problems'? - Year 13 - Essay

1527 words - 7 pages ' Moral crises are often about discovering the intransigence of others and taking the step to shoulder and accommodate those who cannot themselves change.' How does Eliot present idea of the individual within a relationship in 'Three Love Problems'? In ‘Three love problems’, Eliot presents various examples of relationships, with the characters in each having varying levels of individualism and cooperation within the relationship, contrary to the

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2201 words - 9 pages Lock, 1899)p.336] [7: Gaskell, Elizabeth. North and South (London: Ward Lock, 1899)p.300] Class struggle is one of the most important themes in the novel, examining both social and economic perspectives and divides. Gaskell explores the question of whether those in authority and men can effectively work together or whether they are to remain at odds throughout the duration of the employment. In the first half of the novel, it appears that the

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431 words - 2 pages The two newspapers I read was "The New York Times" from the year of 1942, the other newspaper was "The Boston Daily Globe" from the years of 1872 and 1887. The day of the year I was reading was January 27. I found the newspaper on microfilm inside of the Cooper Library. I read three articles from each of the newspapers. The first newspaper I read was " The Boston Daily Globe", the Friday, January 27, 1887. The first article I read was about the

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1653 words - 7 pages school’s literacy program. As I am currently in my second year of teaching first grade, as well as my second year of teaching, I hope to improve my approach to teaching literacy through this process. From the survey I completed on my school’s literacy program, I found that my school is adequate in performance for most of the literacy characteristics relating to the instructional program and the literacy program infrastructure. However, I would like

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1191 words - 5 pages develop Melinda’s emotional, social, and physical struggles caused by what happened to her the summer before her freshman year. Choose ONE symbol from the novel and explain its significance to Melinda throughout the entire novel. You could choose the letter S and three of the words she said the letter could stand for and display how This was Melinda’s own scarlet letter of torment and pain and how she dealt with this. You could choose the custodians

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961 words - 4 pages taught that “affecting _______ creates an effect in _______”, which perpetuates the idea that the words have very interconnected meanings. I know, however, that both words can take both noun and verb form, and that they do have their own unique meanings. For this reason, I consulted a few grammar dictionaries to figure out the established consensus on how to use “affect” and “effect” correctly in English grammar. The first grammar dictionary I looked

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1423 words - 6 pages little meaningful things would occur such as his first steps and first spoken words. Freire continues his vision, claiming it was his first world, his first world for that of his first reading. He describes, in detail, the atmosphere of where he grew up including: the weather, the animals, the flowers, and the geography features surrounding his home, and the fruit &vegetables in the gardens outside. Through re-examination of his memories of

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2365 words - 10 pages for me with a title. This title should be at the top of page one and centered. Also, capitalize all first letters except for small words like “the” or “an”. You will also need a title page, and I will instruct you in a later section how to write it. In Microsoft word 2007: To set your margins click on “Page Layout”. Then click on “Margins” on the left hand side. Set Top, Bottom, Left, and Right all to 1. To get 12 point font and a serif font click

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469 words - 2 pages , another "backstage musical".Lloyd Bacon provided its skillful director, with a funny, often-sardonic screenplay by Rian James and James Seymour. The film was nominated for Best Picture. The film succeeded by mixing veteran stars, and exotic chorus girls in abundance. 42nd Street was the first of three landmark musical film released in 1933 by Warner Bros. to revitalize the musical film genre In contrast to fantasy, escapist romantic dance musicals

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2712 words - 11 pages Free floodwaters of the base flood” ( The orange indicates the area flooded by a 500-year flood (1/500 or 0.2% chance of happening in any given year). Homeowners within the Special Flood Hazard Area (blue shading) are required to purchase flood insurance. In 100 words or more, explain the site’s proximity to a flood zone. [104 words]; rubric alignment CT/Explanation of Issues The address 5800 Uvalde Rd

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417 words - 2 pages advised not to use three-digit number as a sellable ranking (e.g. 278th best in the U.S.) and do not use language your audience doesn’t understand( e.g. you’re one of 786 accredited programs, but do students and parents even know what accreditation really means?). Instead they were advised to look at the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles of today’s 16-year-olds and graduate program prospects, as the right imagery, language and data points can make

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700 words - 3 pages , IT capabilities, on time delivery performance and customer service - respondents ranked FedEx above its three main global rivals, UPS, DHL and TNT.-Strategic Systems That Deliver Information"Information about the package will soon be just as important as the delivery of that package."Those famous words are the theme of FedEx's strategic systems since their goal is to deliver information on the packages of their customers. With that in mind

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1238 words - 5 pages Free church (SDA). Today’s work in the youth ministries suggest robust engagement in terms of leadership and management of project that applies to all sectors of life. The project under discussion involves young people in the SDA church in KwaZulu Natal Freestate Conference (KNFC) aged 5-30, citing the words of Ellen White who said: “With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen