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First Year In Three Words Essay

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If I were to describe my first year in America in three words, they would be exciting, strange, and difficult. First of all, I would describe it as exciting because of all the new and amazing places I get to visit, that I've never visited in my entire life. Secondly, I would describe it as strange because American ...view middle of the document...

In conclusion, there are many good reasons why I would describe my first year in America as exciting, strange, and difficult.First, when I arrived in America, my family and friends here took me to places I've never been before in my entire life. For example, they took me to Great America, where I had the most fun riding roller coasters and scary rides. Also, they took me to Marine World, where I get to see a really large killer whale up so close. In addition, they took me to the Golden Gate bridge which is the longest and the largest bridge I've ever seen. To conclude, I got to visit many fun and amazing places thanks to my family and friends.Second, it was strange for me to find American culture being so different from my native country culture.

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