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Root Causes Fishbone Activity
Purpose: This exercise can help a team identify the most significant factors that influence the key themes that emerged from the Learning Walkthrough evidence. By naming these potential root causes, a school or district can be better poised to focus its efforts on the areas that will provide the greatest leverage for change.
Directions: (Using the attached “fishbone” template)
1. Write the problem in the box at the “head” of the fish.
2. Identify major categories and write them in the boxes. (The diagram has four ribs and boxes, but you may have fewer or more than that. The first time you use this tool, try to use four.)
· Categories may vary depending on the problem. Examples include: students, families, systems and processes, content and curriculum, teachers, school supports, and district supports.
3. For each major category, brainstorm possible causes. Write them next to the appropriate “rib” of the fish. Keep in mind key guidelines for brainstorming
· Let questions flow freely. Generate as many as possible, saying the first thing that comes to your mind. Do not censor your ideas.
· Share brainstormed questions without discussing them. The point of this exercise is to generate questions, not to evaluate or sort them (yet).
· Bolder, unexpected questions are best. Break out of old patterns.
· Even if your idea is similar to something else that has been said, say it anyway. It will keep the creative energies going.
· Do not debate, discuss, sort, or evaluate ideas at this time; do not even say “great idea!”
· Make sure everyone contribut...


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2009 words - 9 pages Free perspective of finding the problems in the VWG car manufacturing company in the early stage, there are many factors related to the quality issues in the company thereby needing a tool that has specific features in defining, analyzing and covering the whole problems. Therefore, we should use the cause – n – effect diagram (Fishbone diagram, Ishikawa). The Production The Polishing Shop Process Do not know how to decide what constitutes a serious scratch

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5380 words - 22 pages the absence of disease or infirmity before shifting to an improved definition which states that to have health means to be complete in physical, mental and social well-being (World Health Organisation, 2006; Jadad, and O’grady, 2008). This new definition highlighted that health isn’t solely the lack of disease but it much more than this. Nevertheless, more recent research criticises this definition stating that to use the word ‘complete’ reflects

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2421 words - 10 pages /communication-theories/sorted-by-cluster/Mass-Medi a/Cultivation_Theory/ Lewis, S. C., & Molyneux, L. (2018, August). A Decade of Research on Social Media and Journalism: Assumptions, Blind Spots, and a Way Forward. Retrieved December 3, 2018, from xid=beef67a8 LoBue, Ph.D., V. (2018, January 08). Violent Media and Aggressive Behavior in Children. Retrieved November 30, 2018

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1602 words - 7 pages financial difficulties, these children do not compete in a fair environment with the other fortunate ones, but none of this is caused by themselves, but their parents’ income inequality. Today striking effects of wealth is a deciding factor in children’s success and failure, but all the children deserve to compete in the same environment. Research shows that an increase in income can impact the living conditions of the bottom class, and with it, the

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1528 words - 7 pages Education | Corporal Punishment of Children in US Public Schools.” ​Human Rights Watch​, 24 June 2015, ic-schools. Cuddy, Emily, and Richard V. Reeves. “Hitting Kids: American Parenting and Physical Punishment.” ​Brookings​, 26 Oct. 2016,​. Gershoff, Elizabeth T. “Spanking and

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5180 words - 21 pages -based publi c forums." ​Human Communication Research​, vol. 40, no. 2, 2014, p. 209+. ​Academic OneFile​, &xid=d9493e50. Accessed 14 Feb. 2018. Johnson, T.J., & Kaye, B.K. ( ​2003​). ​A boost or a bust for democracy? How the Web influenced political attitudes and behaviors in the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 8, ​9