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Fitness Essay

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PART A 1. Write a definition of "Fitness" in your own words.Fitness is when someone can work out or exercise for a long period of time without his or her muscles becoming tired or exhausted.2. List an exercise that would help you develop: a. Cardio-Vascular Fitness Distance Swimming, Bike Riding, Aerobics, Running, Skipping b. Strength Weight Lifting, Swimming, Cycling, ...view middle of the document...

3. Why is it important for people of all ages to keep fit? It is important for people of all ages to keep fit because good health and exercise will help us grow older and it is also important for people that want to look and feel good.4. Although their overall fitness should be improving, many girls become lee fit after about twelve years of age? Why do you think this happens? Girls may become less fit after the age of twelve because other issues may become more important. These things may include becoming interested in boys, puberty and school may become harder as children make the change from Primary School to High School.5. Explain why you think you got the results that you did in your fitness test. For example "At gymnastics I do a lot of stretching which has enabled e to score a positive 6 in the sit and reach activity. Sit and Reach is an activity designed to test flexibility." I thought I did pretty well on my fitness test considering I haven't been exercising much the past 3 years due to a knee injury. However, I could have done better if I had have stretched and prepared better.

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