Five Themes For Education Class To Use In Class Teca 1311 School Themes For Education Class

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1. Students will be handed a blank piece of paper and coloring pencils.
Students will identify people in their family by drawing a picture of their family and labeling each person.
2. Students will be handed different magazines, scissors, glue, and a piece of construction paper.
Students will discuss family traditions. For example, holidays and/or special occasions. What is something special that is done during a holiday/special occasion? What is one favorite meal item that is always eaten during that specific holiday/special occasion? Students will look through magazines and cut out and paste discussed items and make a collage.
3. Students can choose from a map of the U.S. or a blank page. Students will be handed colors and colored pencils.
Students will be asked about their place of birth. Students will discuss their family’s origin. After discussion they will color in their place of birth.
Farm animals-
1. Group discussion with flash cards while using cards as a game
Students will match mother farm animal to their baby farm animal. They will earn points if answered correctly and the table with the most points wins.
2. Students will receive handout sheets containing different farm animals and different Crayola’s.
Students will draw under each farm animal: for example, Pigs like mud. Draw mud underneath the pig and color. Once all handouts are competed student will combine them to make a book.
3. Students will receive magazines, scissors and glue. Posters with farm animals will be placed in visible area of room.
While looking through magazines they will cut out specific items and glue them under correct farm animal. For example, under the picture of a cow they will glue some milk. They will glue a picture of eggs under the hen.
1. Hand cutout of mittens, snow boots, long socks, winter coat, toboggan etc. along with swim suit, shorts, short sleeve shirt, summer sandals, etc.
Go over which items should be used during the winter and discuss why the other items shouldn’t be used during winter. After discussion the students will place correct winter items on paper doll.
2. Show power point to students about different winter activities and what would be needed for that specific activity. For example, skating on a frozen pond.
Allow stude...


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1461 words - 6 pages will slowly disappear as the FTE sector condenses and the low-wage sector expands unaware of the plutocracy that oppresses them. Temin offers several solutions, the common thread which ties them together is a need for quality public school education. “Early education can be seen as the starting point for a serious approach to the education of poor children,” (Temin, 2017, pg. 123). In conjunction with greater access to pre-kindergarten