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Five Year Plan Essay

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Five year plan Within the next five years I plan to achieve many different things in education, career, and to be financially stable. My education will help out with my career and my career should help out with my financial status. This means that I need to keep everything up to date so that nothing falls behind. The first thing that I need to achieve is an Associates of Art in Photographic Imaging at ...view middle of the document...

Upon arrival I plan to enroll in a business management program at Tech. No matter my final career path, this degree will give me an advantage over the competition. I want assist a photographer in the Greenville/Spartanburg area while I go to school to get this degree. I think that this will do me good because I will be working in the field. The one problem that I think I will run into is finding that right job. The area that surrounds me is not exactly a commercial area. At the same time in doing all of this with school and work, I want to purchase a house around $55,000 dollars. My plan is to buy a house that is not exactly in tiptop shape and renovate it while living there. I have work out some of these figures and I need about $10,000 dollars to put down because the bank will only give me 80%. I think that it will take around 8 to 10 months. After completion I wish to sell the house, take the profit and do it one more time, except on buy a more expensive house. I say this because I need to get a bigger bank roll together so I can work up to the final objective.

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