Five Year Plan By Using Strategic Plan With Weakness And Strength Badm450 Essay

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BADM 450
Midterm essay MW 4pm-5:15pm
Five-year strategic plan
A personal strategic plan is a living document and it can also be defined as your doorway to future. A personal strategic plan provides a basis for decision making and standards by which you live. By creating a personal strategic plan, it helps you to maintain a balance in each area of your life, which makes you to act more effective as a leader, spouse, friend, parent and as a community member. Making myself as a priority would help me to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. By setting goals on these areas would help to achieve simple and sustainable goals in my future.
The five years in my personal life that my strategic plan would cover is
1. Family
2. Health
3. Career
Family: Family is the reason why we are here today, so spending more time helps to maintain an effective relationship with them. Through fixing time for family through strategic planning gives productive result and bring happiness every day in my life.
Health: Environmental health issues are important in global health because we all are dependent on air, water, plants and food for our survival and wellbeing. There is an interdependent relationship that exists between the environment and our health. The relationship that we maintain with our environment affects the way the environment components affects our health. By eating right and exercising will keep me healthy
Think big
Define my strengths ...


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