Flashback: To The Times Where Everything Was Good English 9 Essay

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Melinda Brady
Period 4
November 28th, 2016
One day my family and I were outside doing yard work. We got all the yard work done
around 5 maybe 5:30, I went inside to start dinner i tried to turn on the t.v to put on music while i
made dinner. It wouldn’t turn on so I reached for the light switch, flipped it and nothing
happened. I went outside to tell my dad, once i told him he went inside and checked the fuse box
everything looked fine. “It’s happening again.” my brother said. “ just how long is it gonna be
this time?”
Earlier that week my mom was home alone and the power went out she checked the fuse
box but everything was fine. The neighborhood was dark she wandered if the electricity went out
in the the whole neighborhood. So we called our neighbor Raina and she said her power was out
too. My mom called aps and asked what was going on they told her there were some difficulties
going on. They told her they are uncertain as to when the power will turn back on. So she waited
and waited. Finally after 2 hours of non stop facebook and candy crush on her phone the power
turned on. When my dad came home he asked what she did that day and she said with a
frustrating tone “ nothing, i did nothing” he asked what was wrong she told him the power went
out and she was bo...


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