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Welcome to 6th Grade Science 2018-2019, Mr. Wilson
This is going to be a fun and awesome year on our journey to Mars! “You CAN Learn – You WILL Learn!”
Below you will find some general information about my
HOOAH Science class you should know. Please keep this for your reference.
· Syllabus: Students will explore different types of scientific investigations to learn about their natural world. These investigations will include laboratory safety. 6th Grade Science will focus on investigations in Measurement, Scientific Inquiry methods, Biology & Ecology, Chemistry and Energy in the first semester; Force & Motion, Geology and Solar System in the second semester.
· Class Structure: Students will focus on being organized all school year. Students will work together in pairs and groups to learn how to conduct field and laboratory investigations using different modes of scientific inquiry, analyzing data, making informed decisions, and using tools to collect, analyze, and record information. Students will also use computers and information technology tools to support scientific investigations. Students will use an interactive science notebook in class daily.
· Safety: Students must return a signed Safety Guidelines Contract and make a 100% on the Safety Test in order to participate in labs. Make up Safety Test will be done during morning tutorials. If a student is involved in ANY unsafe activity, I will discuss the matter with a parent. If further unsafe practices occur an office referral will be given.
· Grading Policy: Tests, projects, and major investigations are Major Grades. Daily participation, quizzes, notebook, and homework are Daily Grades. The Major Grade average and the Daily Grade average are each worth 50% of the overall average. Parents with students having less than an 80% will receive a weekly Friday report via Skyward. If you do not have email your student will also receive the report via their Office 365 FBISD student email account.
· Tutorials: Tutorials are held on Thursdays from 8:20-8:45 AM. This is to assist students who need extra help, need to makeup tests or quizzes, or make-up work in their interactive science notebook.
· Supplies: In addition to one spiral notebook (70 pages) per Term (2 notebooks/semester), pencils, red pens for grading, and colored pencils, student should also have a pack of glue stick or tape and graph paper for science labs and projects. Students are expected to have all supplies available for my class. Students can leave their science notebook in their class period bin or take them home daily.
· Curriculum: Curriculum will consist of student and group produced work, activities, and investigations done mainly in the classroom with blended learning using online resources such as Schoology. Students will also use online technology that will include digital lessons, virtual labs, and simulations and for research often done outside of the classroom. Students w...


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