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Psychology 2012
We all know that death is inevitable, it’s as natural as walking or breathing, it will happen to all of us someday. Grief can be defined in many ways, such as sadness, misery and even deep sorrow at times, and it is usually cause by the loss of a loved one. Some may know how to handle that sorrow in a different way that others might. However, a person will experience at least one if not all the Five Stages of Grief, “designed” by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. It fascinates me how this topic can be used in various scenarios. Tying in with my other concept which also has various outcomes, is “Parenting Styles”. Parenting Styles are extremely important in someone’s life, that being the parent’s, and most importantly the child’s. It can influence a child in so many ways such as, cognitive, social and psychological growth, which can stay with the child until their adult years. I chose these two topics because they have so many different scenarios and outcomes that I thought It’d be interesting to explore; and having experienced both these concepts first hand, it gives me the opportunity to share.
When someone hears the news about the passing of a loved one, this person will go through all the five stages of grief created by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, whether is for a short period or however long it takes that individual to reach the final stage of “acceptance”. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross created this to help someone understand a person while they deal with grief, and she came up with the Five Stages of Grief, which is denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance.
Denial is usually the first stage that happens after a loss, when your body just goes numb and you’re just in a shock. Too much information about that loss in coming in, and the individual just can’t handle it. You may hear them saying “I can’t believe they’re dead”, and “This couldn’t have happened!”. There is also another way denial may look as it progresses through grief, and that is distraction. All of a sudden from talking about the loved one dying, you’re suddenly talking about a current event or wanting to go to the movies. People don’t understand how that person is thinking about going to the movies and whatnots when their loved one just passed. But denial is a distraction from the pain, the movie or current event their talking about is just a distraction, because the pain is just so enormous that they can’t sit with constantly.
Anger is the stage of grief usually feel after the denial stage. We’re hit with enormous amounts of anger, “why did they die?!”, “why her?!”. Anger being the strongest emotion we have as humans, it covers all our pain, fears, sadness that we have hidden underneath. People going through this stage will always want to strike out, yell, hit something. But it’s an appropriate response. Someone may also find the anger with God, and it’s okay to be angry with God, God is big...

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