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Many famous landmarks in Japan include: Mount Fuji, Shibuya crossing, Itsukushima shrine, Dotonbori, Himeji castle, Nara park and the Tokyo tower.
Rice is the most abundant crop grown in Japan, other crops grown in Japan include: soy beans, barley, wheat and a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Popular fruits and vegetables grown in Japan include: Fuji apples, satsuma mandarins, nashi pears, Japanese persimmons and honey melons. Numerous amounts of beans are also grown especially red beans; in Japan they are very popular with the locals.
A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of foods that make up a complete meal that is full of the daily nutrients that helps start the day. These foods tend not to be greasy, deep-fried or rich instead they are light, nutritious yet filling. Most Japanese families have rice, miso soup, a protein (most likely grilled fish) and various side dishes. Side dishes include: Japanese pickles, dried seaweed, a light salad and natto (fermented soybeans). A meal in Japanese society goes beyond food, because through a meal people can socialize, build stronger bonds, cooperate, work in teams and help society to develop. The Japanese often go out to ramen stands, bars and restaurants. Restaurants in Japan are diverse and consist of many cultures.
Another factor to consider is religion. Japan has maintained and practiced Buddhism and Shinto where both religions...

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