Food Inc Film Review Over The Documentary About Food Processing And Factory Farming Tulsa Community College, American Federal Government Film Review Essay

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Kristeena Harrington-Moore
Professor Dr. Linda Allegro
POLS 1113
12 October 2017
Food, Inc. Film Review- Midterm
Food, Inc. is a documentary informing Americans about the truth of the food industry. This film focuses on the negative connotation that ‘food industry’ has as a topic itself. “Companies have a duty to their shareholders to make money” (1) no matter the impact on the consumers. The impact most recognized is obesity. America has the highest percentage of obesity in the world, more than one third of the entire country’s population faces it. Different economic and social classes, as well as ethnic groups are affected differently by this problem. This points greatly to what people can afford to eat and what they have grown up eating. The food industry is one that will never stop flourishing, because people will always find it to be quick and sufficient. A question to ask yourself about this is, “Would Americans truly change the way they ate if they knew what was really going on?”, and I would like to argue that a significant amount of people would actually not change their eating habits from being more informed. Three things that I have learned from watching this film about food production and factory farming, as they relate to politics are: racial issues are tied to the production of foods, the government themselves directly hide secrets from common people, and corn is in almost everything we eat.
Most Americans have seen the rise in desperation for work in Mexico. The ideal solution would be to reach out with charity and care, l...


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