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In a medium bowl, whisk together the butter and granulated sugar until well combined. Whisk in the vanilla and chocolate. Add the egg and whisk until thoroughly incorporated.
In another medium bowl, stir together the flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda until well mixed. Using a wooden spoon, stir the flour mixture into the chocolate mixture. The dough will start to seem too floury, and you will find it easiest to switch to mixing it with your hands until it comes together. It will have the consistency of Play-Doh. Let the dough sit at room temperature for about 1 hour to firm up.
Transfer the dough to a 15-inch square sheet of parchment or waxed paper. Using your hands, shape the dough into a rough log about 10 inches long and 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Place the log at the edge of the sheet of parchment paper, and roll the parchment around the log. With the log fully encased in parchment, roll it into a smoother log, keeping it at 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or until firm. The log may settle and sink a bit in the fridge, so reroll it every 15 minutes or so to maintain a nice round log, if you like. If not, your cookies will be more oblong than round, which is not a bad thing taste-wise, though they won’t look like the famous packaged cookie. (At this point, the dough log can be well wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week or in the freezer for up to 1 month. If the dough is frozen, thaw overnight in the refrigerator before proceeding.)
Position a rack in the center of the oven, and heat the oven to 325°F. Lin...


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1947 words - 8 pages Hardy PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 5 Christopher HardyEnglish 11T.WechtDecember 23, 2009No Home for a SoldierWorld War One (WWI) was arguably the most costly conflict in human history. With over "one third of men returning home" with serious mental ailments, this war had effects long after the armistice treaty (World War I Document Archive 18). This war lasted well past the signing of the treaty and went on to spark the beginning of the Second World

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1670 words - 7 pages Free of mayhem through the eyes of a mother. Mothers who stay at home know that at times, their lives can be discombobulating. Despite the chaos, stay-at-home mothers get the tremendous responsibility of only having one chance of raising their children in such a way that makes a difference in their children’s lives and in society. Throughout history, society has looked upon the male as the breadwinner: the one expected to work and support the family

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1598 words - 7 pages Rana Abdelfatah Professor Adkins CWL 190 December 6, 2018 Recipe Reflection Okay, right from the get go I would like to put it out there that if you were to make this recipe in real life, you would most likely get food poisoning on the spot. Definitely inedible, and really gross. I’m not here to craft a gourmet dish though! I chose my first book that I read this semester entitled Hunger, written by Roxanne Gay. The ingredients for this recipe

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1587 words - 7 pages has some kind of madness. Everybody has some craziness inside. We cannot deny it. The same applied to me regarding food. Whenever my mother prepared food at home, she had to make it in a certain way because I just would not eat if it does not look appetizing enough to me. I was that particular about food for I have always worried that whatever goes into my mouth would not meet my satisfaction. As the eldest son having a difference of eight years

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589 words - 3 pages consider that food and eating are all divine and food should be eaten in a joyful manner. B. Significance: Most people have probably tried cuisine from other parts of the world and they might have liked it. But, mostly people go out to restaurants to try other countries food because they think it’s hard to make foreign cuisines at home as they are not accustomed to the ingredients used and process to make those foods. So, even if they aren’t

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1829 words - 8 pages Free (about 18 -20 degrees), the recipe states some ingredients in the recipe should be at room temperature. · An oven to bake the cookies. · Bright lighting. · Quiet environment. · A sink 3. Brief description of the activity Making chocolate chip cookies following a recipe, using listed ingredients from a recipe. 4. preparation before activity · All ingredients need to be bought before carrying out the baking. · Pre-heat the oven. · Grease the

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1663 words - 7 pages Pollan’s food rule number nine, “Avoid food products with the wordoid ‘lite’ or the terms ‘low-fat’ or ‘nonfat’ in their names”, in his book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, We’ve gotten fat on low-fat products. Why? Because removing the fat from foods doesn’t necessarily make them not fattening. Carbohydrates can also make you fat, and many low- and nonfat foods boost the sugars to make up for the loss of flavor. Also, by demonizing one nutrient

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1056 words - 5 pages instructions to learn how to make a new recipe or even their favorite food, children may also be able to practice their math by learning how to measure out their ingredients, and of course science too will be learned along the way with their new understanding of solids and liquids done by heating, mixing, baking and such. Practices in nutritional education can also promote development in sensorimotor and social/emotional development. 2. Schools in

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671 words - 3 pages Try a new recipe! With parental permission/ support, research a recipe to try. Make a plan for when you will make the recipe and either make a recording or write a paragraph about the experience. This summer one of the activities that I chose to do was try a new recipe. I decided to try and make macaroons. To be honest, I had never tried to make macaroons before, I never even tasted one before but I heard that they were good, and hard to make

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402 words - 2 pages Blending Mossy mountain coffee buys beans and blends them into house blends for re-sale in 1 pound bags Beans $/pound Amount avalible from supplies Brazil 2.00 110 Columbia 2.90 80 Mocha 2.75 70 Selling $ / pond Maximum demand Recipe Special 6 100pounds >40% Columbian, <30% mocha Dark 5.25 100 <60% Brazilian, < 10% Columbian Use LP to find the best blends and maximize profit this week. Decision variables Blending variables Let Xij represent

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5741 words - 23 pages during the building of the pyramids. Sometimes other fermented foods or items were used, like beer. Bread is a staple in cultures across the globe. Bread since ancient timesantiquity has played a key role in the Greek culture and diet. Numerous Greeks preferred to have fresh bread baked at home or a trusted local bakery around them. In ancient Athens white bread was seen as better to whole grain bread so much so that “Socrates called whole grain

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2053 words - 9 pages daily basis we do not put a lot of thought into where the food we eat comes from. Mostly what matters to us is the taste. A. But you shouldn't be surprised that the majority of the foods we eat here in New York did not originate in America. B. As a matter of fact, “New York Cuisine” cannot be described as “all American.” II. According to a Time Magazine article, The Census Bureau states that Every 10th person in the U.S. was born in another country

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1633 words - 7 pages religious beliefs. Individual taste and preferences also have an impact on the food choices we make on day-to-day basis. In todays modern day society consumptions of foods is not just based on physiological and nutritional needs its become more about taste, emotional mode, and social food norms etc. with such a large variety of food choices and information at our figure tips most of us would think making health food choices would be simple, but

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674 words - 3 pages Ming Dynasty techniques into our own home by using sticky rice to make non-toxic, chemical free homemade glue! Infact, I made some at my home yesterday night. It is super easy to make and just needs one ingredient that is sticky rice. Let me share this recipe with you. A. Mix one cup of rice (preferable basmati or sushi) with 3-4 cups of water in a saucepan. Let this mixture boil and simmer for 45 mins till it achieves a porridge like consistency

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2583 words - 11 pages as Pepsi Foods and Marketing Co (the name was changed in 1997), it failed on every count: pricing, raw material sourcing and distribution.Most importantly, it fell into the standard multinational trap by failing to read the consumer correctly. The multinational's decision to launch in India was mainly an offshoot of the success of its snack food business worldwide. Frito Lays' first offerings were Hostess potato chips, Cheetoz corn snacks and