Food Technology Writing Frame End Of Year Exam Year 13 Essay

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Assessment Schedule
AS Technology 91617 (3.10)
Undertake a critique of a technological outcome’s design
Final grades will be decided using professional judgement based on a holistic examination of the evidence provided against the criteria.
Issues from the Specifications
Authentic candidate submissions will be recognisable because of specific contexts associated with the work. This does not imply that submissions will arise only from the candidate’s practice. However, where the candidate’s practice does not provide the immediate source of a specific context, one would expect to see that several sources of information relating to materials had been applied within a specific context. In both cases, the marker will be able to detect the candidate’s voice. In situations where information does not have some aspect of student voice, it is difficult to establish whether the candidate has actually demonstrated understanding or simply identified information.
Candidates who have simply identified information by reproducing information from sources without making use of that information have not demonstrated understanding.
Where a candidate has provided a brief answer, the answer should not be penalised because of length.
Candidate work in excess of 10 pages should not be marked.
Where work is illegible, it cannot be marked.
Digital submissions that cannot be read cannot be marked.
Achievement with Merit
Achievement with Excellence
Undertake a critique of a technological outcome’s design involves:
Undertake an in-depth critique of a technological outcome’s design involves:
Undertake a comprehensive critique of a technological outcome’s design involves:
explaining the concept of good design and why criteria for judging the quality of design change
explaining views of design and the judgement criteria used to determine the quality of the design of technological outcomes
appraising the design of a technological outcome using design judgement criteria.
discussing why the contemporary judgement criteria are important for design decision making
evaluating the quality of the design of a technological outcome using design judgement criteria.
discussing the impact of judgement criteria on design decision making
justifying the evaluation of a technological outcome’s design.
Writing Frame for Generic Technology 3.10
Undertake a critique of a technological outcome’s design
Sub headings
What needs to be said
What I am trying to explain – how, who when, why, where.
Why is good design important?
Face of your brand, sells product, long lasting appeal, functions as required, aesthetic value, shows quality, uniqueness and ……………………………
What is good design?
I will answer the question: What is good design as we see it today? I will explain what good design means. What makes a good design and a bad design these days? Talk about what good design is in different areas of technology – buildings, clothing, food, furniture.
Who says...

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