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Foot Essay

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1. Jack works for a company that inspects car malfunctions and decides if it is too cheap. He travels from city to city hoping that the plane will crash. Jack and Tyler our on an airplane and don?t know each other, not yet at least. Jack soon starts talking to Tyler, on the airplane, and realizes that they have the same suitcase and have a lot of different things in common. Tyler works as a film projectionist and was a banquet waiter at a downtown hotel. After I had read this, I realized that maybe they had too many things in common. Such that, maybe they were the same person.2. The first major even would have to be the meeting of the two men. Then Jack finds his apartment in shreds. He decides to call his newfound friend Tyler and go to a bar with him. Outside the bar Tyler says ?hit me as hard as you can?. Jack seems very confused but hits him anyway. Fight Club is ...view middle of the document...

He goes to sleep and is woken up by Tyler explaining that they are the same person. Tyler is Jack?s split personality. Jack starts to remember all the things he has done as his alter ego Tyler Durden. He decides he must shut Fight Club down as soon as possible. However, the men are so devoted to the stupid club that they kick him out of the bar. The next day he is attacked and falls unconscious and is brought back to his burnt out apartment. He?s so frustrated that he decides to go to fight club and fight until he?s dead. But once again his plan goes wrong. Jack is beaten cold but still alive. Jack is then found as he was in the beginning of the book: on the top floor of a giant office building with a gun in his mouth. ?End it now? he says, police helicopters surround the building and with no way out he decides to pull the trigger. In heaven god asks him ?why he caused so much pain? Jack explains things just happen.3. Probably the decision where he decides to start fight club. Nothing would?ve happened if he would?ve taken his frustrations out on beer or something. But, maybe that?s what caused him to think of such a thing as fight club. Maybe without the alcohol there wouldn?t have been a Tyler.4. Jack learns how much chaos he has created. A club that has gone mad. A club that has no rules except for ?don?t talk about fight club?. In fact the only three rules are ?number one, don?t talk about fight club. Number two; don?t talk about fight club. Number three no shirts or shoes.? Without this fight club Jack still would have a life. He didn?t think much of his life but he had a life, which is more than he could say now.5. The theme of the book seems to be the fight club itself. I mean I think that is what the movie was mostly about. However, the book itself is about the chaos and destruction of insomnia. That is where Jack learned of Tyler. The author goes through so much about the problems Tyler has caused Jack. Jack even starts working with Tyler as a waiter. He writes notes to the hostess saying ?one of your perfume bottles has urine in it?. How screwed up can you get?

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