For As Long As We Can Remember America Has Always Been Closely Associated With Racism South San Antonio High School/ Goverment 1301 Essay

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Racism in america
By: Alexis Cervantes
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Alexis Cervantes
Mr. Ybanez
Government DC
8 December 2015
Racism In America
For as long as we can remember America has always been closely associated with racism. Racism is something everyone has witnessed and or experienced, man individuals become victims of racism and aren’t even aware of it, It was created socially, primarily by how people perceive ideas and faces, we are not quite used to. The term of race all depends on where and when the word is being used. For example, in the United States, the meaning of the label “white” has evolved throughout time, adding groups like Jews, Irish, and Italians. And the other groups, mainly: Latino, African, American Indian, Asian, and etc. have found acceptance much more difficult. America was once known as the country with the biggest slave population.
Today on the other hand, The United States of America has long since abolished the controversial policy known as slavery. Racism itself is still around and is realistically going to stay in our society. Racism and slavery seem to go hand in hand, there close connection has led to the creation of one another. Racism was born through slavery; for a race to enslave another race for several hundreds of years without developing any racial hatred towards on another is nearly impossible. So where and how did this type of behavior begin? And yes, at one point in
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time the term Racism was non-existent. Before people were able to travel and experience different groups of people, they stayed in the same area with the same kind of people, they feared
things that were different, and lacked the motivation to face those kind of things. This all changed once the level of human advancement rose, and racism began as soon as people faced those of different races.
Racism has existed in our society for as long as we can remember. It is a highly controversial topic that nearly holds everybody’s attention. Racism is a common form of oppression against a human being, its origins began with the discrimination of a group of people, typically aimed towards their believed to be inferior genetics. If their biology differed from their oppressors even in the slightest, they would become victims of this terrible crime. Despite its negative effect on the world, racism has caused a tremendous impact on our society and has caused many significant events in American history to take place.
Historically racism has been a big problem throughout America, leading back to the Martin Luther King Jr., Emmett Till and the Jim Crow Laws. Has time really changed? One would think not considering the fact that racism is posted all over the news, it allows one too see how racism is still very much a big part of America. Looking back at Historical events, racism was much more violent and tortures than today; In 1955 Emmett Till a fourteen year old boy was brutally tortured and murdered by two Caucasian men. There have been almost no racist...

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