For Better, For Worse/Short Story

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For the one you chose and loved you would wait for a lifetime just to have him again. Sleeplessly and tiredly Faith was waiting for that cold phone call, a call from Pitt, a call to tell her that he's fine and he'll soon be back for good. Thinking of him with a total absent mind, asking many questions why? What made him leave? Made her remember the whole events.She didn't sleep more than an hour since his flight took off two weeks ago. Waking up every now and then to check up her answer machine 'cause he might leave a massage or something. It was a stun, a shock for her genuine heart. How could Pitt do all this to her? How could he choose to leave in the middle of their successful marriage? Faith was 21st when she first met him, a pretty very intelligent young lady with all the qualities that any man dream of. Pitt a brilliant last twenty aged with a great ambitious mind. Life brought them suddenly together; they get married and lived a normal quite safe life with each other.He promised her that he'll always stick by her side in each moment of their lives and went away; with no reason at all, leaving her with their only child Peter and the girl coming in November. She tried to reach him by he sending him as much e-mails as possible, she called his family and his closest friends but no one know where did he go? And why? Why he chose to leave this mysterious way….As she was swimming in all of this the phone rang, she picked up with a shaky hand to receive the cruelest phone call ever. It was him; finally, he called. With a senseless voice he told her that he met Carla, the girl he loved in high school. The girl he always loves and waits for. He said goodbye, take care and kiss Peter for me and hang up and never call again. She stood there with no reaction at all, she couldn't even cry.After all her friends knew they told her to not look back to not even think about the one whom doesn't deserve her. She listened to her heart that told her to wait " better, for worse" she would wait him to be back to her till the end of time.


Full of sins (short horror-like story for a grade 10 assignement) - English - Short Story

1332 words - 6 pages Full of Sins  Mia comes in her home with her long lost brother whom she has found. Her mother - Mel - was so devastated of her elder daughter that left a year ago. She recently had her twins and she doesn’t want her family to meet them. Mel told Mia about her brother that she gave up for adoption when she was in high school, her dad - Hal - wanted her to have an abortion but she gave it up for adoption hoping to see him one day. Hal and Mel

Lesson Plan English For Short Story - Griffith - Assignment

1140 words - 5 pages notions of literary value and how and why such notions vary according to context (ACELT1634) Examining literature Investigate and experiment with the use and effect of extended metaphor, metonymy, allegory, icons, myths and symbolism in texts, for example poetry, short films, graphic novels, and plays on similar themes (ACELT1637) Analyse text structures and language features of literary texts, and make relevant comparisons with other texts

Short Story For English Language Arts - Ela - Essay

1198 words - 5 pages protest-worthy act, to Ethan. Jason’s mind was blank so far, this wee act of outrage gave an idea to buy some more time to think. “If you are so impatient, you better hear it from someone else,”, mock-retorted Jason. “No! Please Jason, don’t get annoyed!” Jason remained taciturn, his mind furiously working away for new lies. “Jason! I was just being mean, oh dear brother, tell me please!”, begged Ethan. Melted by Ethan’s tender pleas and the

English Short Story, idea for a short story for university english. completed as a first assignment - English - Essay

792 words - 4 pages Mrs Lizzy’s House It was early in the summer of 2018 in small rural community in Newfoundland. There was not much to do around that small community for entertainment so we all had to find a way to have fun. So my name is Angel and I’ll be telling the story of the night we decided to break into an old house that is located in the middle of the community where I am from. So it all started one night when we were just walking around and talking

A Relationship That Changes For The Better

856 words - 4 pages better.This play demonstrates that anything can change, but you have to be willing to look inside yourself and admit that you are part of the problem. I commend Paul for be-ing able to look inside of him and see that for the most part he was the source of the prob-lem. I feel that it as very honorable of Paul to admit this problem and try to change for the better. I believe that Lisa and Paul's relationship will be better in the future although it will require much effort from the two of them.

PDHPE - Better Health for Individuals - Year 11 PDHPE - Essay, Report

2390 words - 10 pages Free expenditure.” (World Health Organisation, 2018) Physical activity can be done at any level of skill and for enjoyment. It includes ‘exercise’ (planned, structured and repetitive activity with a fitness goal), sport (organised with a club or social group), incidental (unplanned such as gardening and chores) and active play (recreation such as yoga or walking as a means of transport) Physical inactivity is to a large extent, a major problem for young

That Melbourne Is Better Than Sydney - Persuasive Essay For Yr 10 Enlgish

818 words - 4 pages suburban tram network which are affordable, convenient, and available for anyone to use. Melbourne's road system is better than Sydney's also. Melbourne's roads are set out in a grid system, and divide land into "blocks", meaning if you miss a street it is easy to take the next turn and drive down an adjoining street. In Sydney there is no system as to how the streets are set out, and if you miss a street then you need to somehow find a way to turn

Great Depression for the wealthy - kennesaw state - short essay

683 words - 3 pages Free and The Stork Club were hurling with big names, socialites and nobles. For by far most the 1930s was a period of hopelessness. In any case, for some, American dynastic families, parties got away from the truth in the city and the more stupendous the better. While customer facing, facades stood exhaust, the 47-story Waldorf-Astoria Hotel opened in 1931 at a cost of $42 million ($600 million today). Facilitating various sumptuous gatherings amid the

Beneficial Resources for Short Term Foster Parents Providing Short Term Care - Research - Research

4098 words - 17 pages Running head: BENEFICIAL RESOURCES AND INTERVENTIONS Beneficial Resources and Interventions for Short Term Foster Parents Research Report Isobel Couture Western New England University 1 Abstract This study focuses on the overnight program at a foster care agency and what information the foster parents find important to know about the child and what resources might be beneficial to be included in the program that could be available for the foster

The Literary Analysis for the story A Rose for Emily - English - Assignment

1181 words - 5 pages Perez Mikela Perez Wipp Literary Analysis 18 Nov. 2016 A Rose for Emily The short story, “A Rose for Emily” was William Faulkner’s most acclaimed, most popular, and most diverse piece. You will notice that his work is deeply rooted in the story of the South, dealing with issues such as race, gender, and class. This story can be broken down to many literary elements which are all connected in their own way. Characterization Strong-willed and firm

Disadvantages and advantages of home schooling. Situations in which home schooling would be better for a child and for an educational system. OPINION!!!

629 words - 3 pages This is a very controversial issue for myself as I wasin 4-H while in high school and I knew a lot of home schoolers. In fact some of my good friends switched from public school to home schooling in the middle of their high school years. Some of my own opinions ondisadvantages of home schooling include the loss of cultural and economic differences, for example in most public school and many private school situations you are going to have kids of

Mythological short story about the goddess Ceres searching for her kidnapped daughter - Florida Virtual School/English 2 - Short story

1206 words - 5 pages , can I please go down to the shore?" Proserpina begged with puppy dog eyes and her bottom lip jutted out. Ceres looked up from her daughter in the direction of the ocean and thought, she turned back to her daughter and agreed to let her go, “You can go as long as you stay by the sea nymphs, for they are trustworthy enough.” She worriedly told Proserpina to stay away from the forest before she went off in search of the sea nymphs. As soon as her

An essay explaining the importance of sports for young children - English - A short essay

650 words - 3 pages . Education should take place inside and outside of school. An additional benefit to playing sports is that exercise allows kids to be healthy and active. Practicing a sport a lot is needed to get better so that helps keep kids active. Doctors recommend at least an hour of physical activity a day for children for good reason. Exercise helps metabolisms remain active while improving your mental health. Some sports also help people get outside and

new boy short film for englisn internal year 11 - glendowie (english) - essay

587 words - 3 pages This essay discusses the Irish short film New Boy directed by Steph Green. The film shows a young African boy, Joseph, ​adapting to his new school in Ireland. The director uses different techniques to portray how Joseph moves from being lonely, sad and isolated to fitting in and finding some new friends and happiness. In the opening scene Joseph is introduced to the class. The director uses camera angles and dialogue to demonstrate Joseph's

This assignment is for Ap Literature in which the story is told by Esta. - English - Essay

527 words - 3 pages new lover proved her desire for independence; the author states, “ But Clyde, because of his larger contact with life and his mother’s statement (‘She’s ran away with someone’), understood well enough. Esta tired all of this, as had he” (pg.19). This is why Esta would fully sympathize with Clyde’s decision of getting a job and pursuing his own independence.     In the beginning of the story, the author describes Esta as, “[...] she was just a