Forensics Alfred Galen Research Project - Forensics 12th Grade - Powerpoint

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Unit 1 Test - This test will be a little different than your usual test you will be seeing in Forensics this year.
You will be making an individual presentation using Google slides, and any of the following: the Tellagami app., PhotoSpeak app., Talking Photos from Meing,, or These apps will allow you to create a short presentation (30 seconds per). If that is not enough time you can use more than one. Your presentation will have to include the following in order to receive full credit.
Directions: This information should be covered in your slides. You will need at least one picture per slide.
1. You will make a Google Slide presentation. Your front page should introduce yourself and your Serial Killer. Your front page should “showcase” your killer. You should include nice graphics, catchy slogans, the title, and creativity.
2. Your presentation must include the following topics per slide(s):
The background:
a. When were they born?
b. Where did they grow up?
c. Did they have a normal or dysfunctional family life?
d. Did they go to school and what was their highest grade level completed?
e. Anything unusual happen in their early years?
f. Did they exhibit unusual or add behaviors as a child?
g. Were they ever diagnosed with a mental disorder and were they ever treated?
The serial killing ways:
a. What was the year of their first killing?
b. Who was their first victim?
c. How many victims?
d. How long did their serial killing last?
e. Did they have an M.O. or their own signature style of killing people?
f. Did they have pattern to their victims?
The capture and aftermath:
a. When did they get caught?
b. How did they get caught?
c. What were they charged with ...

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