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Forgotten Path Essay

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Alexia and a couple of her friends slowly emerge from the theater. They are all still a bit shaken from the horror movie they just watched when Alexia realizes she has thirty minutes to be home. Quickly she parts ways with her friends and starts her walk home. She shivers as the sky seems to grow darker. An eerie fog hangs thick in the distance. Quickly she glances at her watch and notices that she only has twenty minutes to get home. She will never be there in time, unless she cuts through the haunted cemetery. She stops suddenly. Biting her bottom lip she takes a deep breath and begins her journey. As she passes the huge metal gates, they creak as if to warn her not to continue her path. ...view middle of the document...

Crack, snap, crackle! The noise had to be real. She looks to the left, then to the right, nothing. She stood there in the cold; holding back from screaming in fright, and praying she made it home. Again, something brushed against her leg, not once but twice. She snapped to her senses and bolted in the direction she thought was home. Then there in the fog stood a man up ahead. That had to be the grounds keeper; he must have heard her screaming and came to help her.As she neared the figure, doubts began to flood her head. What if that is a ghost. It seemed to be glowing and floating toward her. Now she could see it reaching for her. Terrified she turns to flee the other way, only to run straight into a tombstone, and fell right over it. She doesn’t even try to get up. Her instincts tell her to stay low and crawl as fast as possible. She tires but cannot seem to move. The figure caught her, she just knows it. Kicking and screaming she pleads to be released. Nothing happens. Trembling she opens her eyes to see where she is. At that moment she realizes she can see the back gate near her street. Only a few more yards and she will be safe. But what...

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