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Formulation Of Technology Strategy Of Cisco

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CiscoI.Technology Business LinkageThe technology decisions of Cisco broadly fall under the twin domains of:a.Technology Appropriation•Strategic alliances (acquisitions and partnerships) are inherent part of Cisco's Strategy to gain access to new technologies.•This led to lesser time to market, thus allowing Cisco to respond to the market with agility.b.Deployment in Products•Collaborative arrangements (esp acquisitions) were a means of introducing new products.•New product development process was highly systemized with cross functional team driving the product introduction.•Cisco tried to convert as many products as it could (depending on their life cycle) to the New Product Integration (NPI) process.The technology related decisions helped Cisco in entering new markets and in becoming a market ...view middle of the document...

2.Competitive Position of the firm•Technology Inventory: Business units identify which capabilities are lacking and suggest possible firms for acquisition.•Firm's Competitive Positions: Outsourcing is an important strategy to enable focus on the intellectual aspects of the product.•Technology Requirements: Strong marketing team and leveraging existing distribution channels to sell the acquired products.b.Formulation of Technology Strategy•Gaining technology capabilities through collaborative partnerships and in-house R&D(30-70 breakup).•Lesser time to market to enable adapting to market changes quickly.•Systemized processes (NPI) in place to ensure the quick and successful introduction of new products.c.Crafting the Implementation Approach1.Mode of Implementation•Collaboration preferred if some firm already has the capabilities required.•Technology integration partnerships with other firms to provide end-to-end solutions to customers.2.Intellectual Property Strategy•Acquiring potential market leaders in the markets they want to enter to ensure the knowledge stays within the organization.•Emphasis on retaining the employees of the acquired firm through a slew of employee-friendly HR practices and remuneration.•Recognise the value of the tacit knowledge inside a firm in form of its employees.3.Organization for Implementation•Teams of people from both the organizations formed to guide the integration process.d.Execution•Standardized Manufacturing Integration process with defined time lines followed religiously.•Integration process driven through the executives of the acquired firm so that gaining the acceptance of the employees of the acquired firm is easy•Buddy System and friendly HR policies.ReferenceManaging Technology and Innovation for Competitive Advantage, V.K Narayanan

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