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Information from was a victor in World Wars I and II, but they had huge losses in their empire, wealth, manpower, and rank as a dominant country. Still, France today is one of the most modern countries in the world and is a leader among other European countries. In recent years, its settlement and cooperation with Germany have been helpful to the economic integration of Europe, including the introduction of the euro in January 2002.Location:France is located in Western Europe, bordering ...view middle of the document...

Over the last century, France's population has grown more than 40%.Form of Government:France is a republic, meaning it has a president and 3 government branches. The suffrage is the same as in the US, which is 18 years old.Climate:France has generally cool winters and mild summers, but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean.Terrain:France's terrain is mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in the north and west. The remainder of the land is mountainous, especially the Pyrenees in the south, and the Alps in the east.Religion:The most common religion in France is Roman Catholic, which takes up 83%-88% of the population. Muslim takes up 5%-10%. Protestant takes up 2%. Jewish takes up 1%. Other religions take up 4% of the population.Language:French is spoken by about 100% of the population. They are rapidly declining regional dialects and languages which are: Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, and Flemish.Economy:France's economy is based on agriculture (3%), industry (26%), and services (71%). The unemployment rate of the population is 9.1%. The major exports are machinery, chemicals, automobiles, metallurgy, aircraft, electronics, textiles, food processing, and tourism. The major imports are machinery and equipment, vehicles, crude oil, aircraft, plastics, and chemicals.


Did the dark years represent the ultimate culmination of France’s interwar conflicts and divisions? - Swansea University - Essay

3132 words - 13 pages .[footnoteRef:1] With the Third Republic being blamed for the defeat, Marshal Philippe Pétain aimed to revitalise France through Vichy’s National Revolution. However, whilst Vichy differed in some respects to the Third Republic, this essay will illustrate that, although Vichy was more extreme, continuities existed between the two regimes. Therefore, France’s interwar conflicts and divisions did appear to have culminated during the dark years, but

Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte - History 180 - Research paper

1850 words - 8 pages 2 Scott Thomas Scott Professor Maxon History 180 Napoleon Bonaparte 18th November 2016 Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest military leaders in world history. Napoleon’s military genius allowed him to quickly climb the ranks of the French military and through a successful coup, name himself emperor. His skill as a military strategist allowed him to effectively expand the empire of France and make reforms that would leave a lasting

What Was The Political Impact Of WW1 On Europe?

1064 words - 5 pages The first Total War also known as the 'bloodiest' war of the century, WWI proved to have a great impact upon all of Europe. Politically, there is a clear scene of what impact the War had on the main powers in Europe: for some countries, such as France and Britain, the change in regime was merely slight, in Germany rather significant, whereas in Russia it proved drastic and sparked off two revolutions. Hence, there were several common aspects of

Josephine Backer (CiIvil Rights Movement) - History - Essay

1262 words - 6 pages but set her dreams on Broadway anyway. She spent most of her time fighting segregation and racism. In her later years she moved to France, and upon her death she was buried with military honors. Josephine Baker was a dancer and singer. S`vf yghe became very popular in France during the 1920s. In addition, she dedicated much of her life to fighting racism and equal rights. She was born on June 3, 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri. She was born with the

konrad adenauer : life and his commitment to eu - canterbury uni - speech

1067 words - 5 pages relationship with French president, Charles de Gaulle. Together in 1963, the arch enemies Germany and France signed a friendship treaty which was a huge milestone on the road to European integration. Biograpical information · Where born · What their role in politics was What was role in the European Integration process? · Were they for or against integration · What events (ie treaties, policies, disputes, enlargements) did they influence, how did they

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732 words - 3 pages Free is a ton of useful information on the internet which can help in learning about any country. Watching movies, tv shows, books, articles, documentaries etc related to that country can help establish a good, basic foundation on the lifestyle and culture there. Also, knowing what kind of organizational structure my company follows overseas, is essential to me being successful in my position. Is the company that I am working for, a bureaucracy or

1848 Revolutions Study Guide Is A Documents Containing 7 Pages Of Detailed, Bibliographed Information Separated Into Categories

2536 words - 11 pages IB History1848 Revolutions Study GuideMain Themes (John R. Barber)France* In the 1840's the rapidly crumbling economy sparked discontent amongst the French populace.* Restrictions on demonstrations led to violent uprising and even more discontent from the populace.* With the coming of Louis XVIII in 1830 the people started attacking the monarchy. Such protests and demonstrations peaked in 1848 as the most popular revolutions in Europe have

Movie: The Dawn Patrol- The Historical Accuracies And Plot Summary Of This WWI Movie

715 words - 3 pages Free This movie takes place during WWI on a remote RAF outpost in France. Young, inexperienced flyers are being sent on a one-way mission to battle the German opposition. As more are lost, younger and even less experienced men are sent over to take on these missions.There is no one more frustrated and distraught over losing lives than Major Brand. A former flyer who was promoted to officer, his job now is to dole out these assignments to the squads

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607 words - 3 pages composer along with information on their historical importance and musical contributions. Aaron Copland is an American classical composer. He was born in New York, Brooklyn, on 14th of November, 1900. His parents were Jewish people from Russia. After graduating from high school, he studied harmony, polyphony and composition from R. Goldmark in New York, and then took composition lessons from Nadi Boulanger in Paris for three years. In France

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1203 words - 5 pages little has been done to combat this disheartening information. Thankfully, there are many countries we can look at as a means of reference when the time does come for reform in our school cafeterias. Countries like France, Japan and Sweden have made an effort to promote nutritious diets in their schools and continue to exemplify what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. I have also learned because the United States is consumed with competitive

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1242 words - 5 pages Free White 1 Mackenzie White HST 101 12:00 Tue,Thurs 4/10/18 Prompt A A mobilized war The First World War from 1914 to 1918, also known as the Great war was considered to be the first total war in history. What began as a dispute over the equality of power between the alliance of France, Britain and Russia and on the other side the central powers of Germany and Austria-Hungary. It soon became a global conflict in Europe as well as their own

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1545 words - 7 pages Free clean. The best realization of Polonius would be that he is a manipulative and strategic man who seeks to look out for his means of a reputable reputation; this essay will be validating this point through the different scenes as well as the text. The first time the readers are introduced to Polonius they are shown how with great reluctance and lots of “…laboursome petition…” (Shakespeare 1.2.59) allowed his son, Laertes to go to France. The first

Matter Of Taste

515 words - 3 pages . Therefore, Lieberson observes, names provide a unique opportunity to study what drives tastes in the absence of commercial influences. His findings reveal insights about what drives our tastes that extend well beyond naming practices. Lieberson's absorbing work covers much ground. His data are drawn from Denmark, England and Wales, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Scotland, and the United States. Among his numerous analyses depicted with liberal

Berlin Blockade - Causes and Consequences - Year 10 - Assignment

1510 words - 7 pages After World War II ended, it seemed that not all conflicts were to be resolved peacefully, even after the horrifying 6 million deaths that resulted from the countless battles. Post - war, they held the Yalta Conference, planning the war’s end, and the division of Germany into occupation zones, hence paving the way to Berlin Blockade. Following Germany’s defeat in World War II, the country was split between the United States, France and Britain

How Did The Corfu Incident Affect The Outbreak Of World War II?

1813 words - 8 pages conquered an African country named Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) from 1935~1936, then they annexed Albania in 1939. During the expansion of Italian land, the League of Nation's primary, non-Fascist powers Britain and France did not perform any attempts to stop Mussolini, they even provided assistance to Italy during the invasion on Abyssinia by allowing Italy to pass through the Sues canal without any interference and secretly signing the Hoare-Laval