Franz Fanon's Work As Compared With Karl Marx, And Utopia. The Various Advantages And Disadantages Of Each Of The Societies

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What if we all Worked Together?The struggles that continue to arise in society are due to the increasing difference between the poorest and richest members of societies. The works written by Fanon as well as Engels and Marx, in addition to "Utopia" by Thomas More, clearly demonstrate the advantages of a society which don't suffer from this disparity. All authors argue that when all a society's members have role's and work together; a more gratifying, productive society is created. An ideal society is one which has no separation between the rich and the poor; the have's and the have-nots, where a society is united as a whole and a class-system doesn't exist.Thomas More, the author of "Utopia" ...view middle of the document...

Marx more or less does a scientific observation of all humankind and how it will work (which in many ways is very accurate). The politically-savvy book written by Fanon talks much more of direct experience justifies this rationale to the reader. Trying to explain to the reader with just a bit of the desperation states, "...I have to tell you I've seen peasants dry the tears of their wives who had been raped under their very eyes" (189). Fanon did quite extensive studies of psychology, mental disorders in particular, which clearly is shown in his novel. Fanon goes on a little later in the book and writes, "There are some French among us... They're disguised as Arabs... They've all got to be killed... Give me a machine gun. All these so-called Algerians are French... and they won't leave me alone...but I'll fight back. I'll kill them all, every one of them. I'll slit their throats, one after the other, and yours as well... the children, the dogs, the birds, the donkeys... nobody will be spared..." (203). These extreme things had never been seen by Marx, thus was not at all mentioned in the Manifesto. Such extreme things, and their appropriate reactions, however (which violence was clearly a forerunner), clearly seems more justifiable to try to alleviate the country of the class struggle. The fight has to have power in numbers, for its success to be worthwhile. This theory of "fighting back" is justified by the theoretical, ideal end result. He wants the people to live in classless society where all perform duties equal and where money and goods aren't so unjustly distributed."A small number of men can hinder the descent of a great army." (28). More is obviously referring to the fact that if members of (the army) don't work together that the progress can be greatly hindered. It should be interpreted in a much larger sense as well, in that in a society we need to all be working together, for each other. Fanon talks about the exact same issue about the sheer, pure, control the French colonialists used against Algerians at all points during their lives. "One of the characteristics of the Algerian people established by colonialism is their appalling criminality. Prior to 1954 police, lawyers, journalists, and medical examiners, (Algerians) were born criminals... this theory was taught at universities for over 20 years" (203). Marx, in the Manifesto theorized about other things as well. One theory which is particularly intriguing is...

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