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BSEd in Business
Successful completion of the courses listed below will entitle a person to receive the degree BSEd
with a major in Business and will lead to a certificate to teach Business in the State of Missouri in
grades 9-12.
The following courses are the General Education requirements of Lincoln University and
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE):
_____ GE 101 University Seminar 1
_____ ENG 101 Composition and Rhetoric I 3
_____ ENG 102 Composition and Rhetoric II 3
_____ SPT 206 Fundamentals of Speech 3
_____ MAT 111 Inter Algebra 3
_____ MAT 112/113 Math requirement 3
_____ ____ ____ Area 3 approved course 3
_____ BIO 103 Biological Science 3
_____ PHY 103/CHM 103 Physical Science 3
_____ ____ ____ Science Lab 1
_____ PSY 101 General Psychology 3
_____ ____ ____ Humanities Requirement 3
_____ PHI 304 Humanities Requirement (Business Ethics) 3
_____ HIS 205/206/220 A Course in American History 3
_____ HIS 101/102 A Course in International History 3
_____ SA 200 American Diversity or other area 7 approved course 3
_____ EDU 260 Education and Cultural Diversity (or area 8 course ) 3
Total 47
Major Courses
_____ ACC 246 Accounting Principles I 3
_____ ACC 247 Accounting Principles II 3
_____ ECO 201* Principles of Economics 3
_____ ECO 202 Microeconomics 3
_____ BAD 275 Business Law I 3
_____ BAD 101 Intro to Business 3
_____ BED 208 Integrated Computer 3
_____ BED 310 Principles of Management 3
_____ BED 312 Business Communications 3
_____ BED 420 Implementing Business Ed Programs 3
_____ BED 495 Coordination of Cooperative Ed 3
_____ MKT 321 Principles of Marketing 3
_____ EDU 376 Advanced Instructional Technology 3
Total 39
* ECO 201 meets general education requirement for a course in Social & Behavioral
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Pre-professional Block I: (These courses are to be taken concurrently.)
_____ EDU 202 Observations in Education 1
_____ EDU 204 Educational Psychology (WI) 3
_____ SE 221 Education of the Exceptional Child 2
_____ EDU 270 or EDU451 Instructional Technology 3
Total 9
Pre-professional Block II: (These courses may be taken over more than one semester.)
_____ EDU 251 Professional Educator Legal and Ethical 3
_____ EDU 317 Differentiated Instruction 3
_____ EDU 322 Adolescent Development 3
Total 9
The following courses require that the student be admitted into the Teacher
Education Program bef...

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