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I have been asked to discuss privacy of information, whether information about past law cases should be available to the general public or medical and police records. Should companies be allowed to collect information, peoples address etc.There are a number of databases of information available to the public; an example of one is AustLII (, which is a site that has all information about past cases and a search engine to make it even easier to find out what you want to know about someone. This is good and bad for a number of reasons, sometimes people might have something they did once that they are not too proud of, or they are trying to change.This is un-fair to people wanting to hire employees or getting new clients. This is unfair because it is like hiding something from someone. If a doctor was to get a new patient and they wanted to check the history of the new patient and it was blocked or something and the patients history was not accessible because you know the patient has blocked it then you would be quite suspicious as to why. You would want to know as much about the kind of people you are hiring as well because you don't want to hire someone that has a history of ripping off the employers.I studied a case of sexual harassment that I freely found on the internet ( and the person sewing (The Plaintiff) the Defendant would probably have less of a chance getting a job where a male is the boss because she has had a sexual harassment case before. The reason that she would find it harder to find a job than someone else is because if the person hiring them was to look at their history, they could find out that she had a history of suing people for sexual harassment and wouldn't like to take the chance of being sued themselves.In conclusion, I think that people's records should be accessible to some degree; they should not be recorded on an Internet site as easily accessible as the one I used. Some things like law cases however, should be available to the public as these are things that people have a right to know.


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527 words - 3 pages freedom of speech protects the freedom to seek, receive, and share information, which is important for promoting education, for developing ourselves as individuals, and for helping our society. The next area, which is most likely favored by a liberal candidate is the freedom of the press. This freedom includes the right of “communication and expression through various mediums, such as electronic media and published materials” (

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2181 words - 9 pages in the development of global communication networks. The digital revolution not only supports John Stuart Mills arguments for a free speech principle, but is also key in personal and societal development, while also contributing to democracy and dialogue. Social media is a tool that can be used to strengthen civil society through communication freedom and participation, while other digital technologies allow access to information creating shared

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1130 words - 5 pages , sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish between the characteristic of activity is belonged to private or pubic. Previous president Bill Clinton defended that his sex relationship with Monica is so private that the society cannot interfere in. In the scandal of Eron Bankruptcy, our vice president, Dick Cheney, refused to get information on his meeting or conversation with the Enron chairman Kenneth Lay, because he had the speech freedom with his

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778 words - 4 pages espousal of a particular point of view and provide balanced materials describing different points of view for all the controversial issues.The first amendment and the United States Constitution guarantee the freedom of speech and the right to receive information freely. Therefore, one should be allowed to express their beliefs and values and anyone should be able to access that person's thoughts and viewpoints without someone deciding if the

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940 words - 4 pages information as it is essential to the marketplace of ideas. Second, The affirmative will show that social media undermines the freedom of speech and thus undermines the marketplace of ideas. Thus, the Negative must show that social media DOES NOT undermine the market place of ideas. Contention 1 A.Social Media is big Business Ryan Connors B2C July 28, 2014 The reason social media investments are booming comes down to three core driver: Ecommerce

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523 words - 3 pages , and values. Censorship is destructive because it takes the ability to learn and enjoy, no freedom of speech or thought, and no preparation. In “Excerpt From: What Do Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and Huck Finn Have In Common?,” says that removing books from children takes away the ability for them to learn and enjoy. “The removal of the books from the open library shelves violates the First Amendment to the Constitution, impermissibly

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1282 words - 6 pages provide semi similar settings, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass rises above Oroonoko in depth and insight. Frederick Douglass produces an overall more powerful effect by showing us a difference in narrative style, freedom/impact, and offering the audience with intense information first hand of the brutality slaves had to encounter. The most important difference between these two stories is the contrasting narrative style. In the Narrative

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404 words - 2 pages controlled by a mindless bureaucracy through the application of relentless regulations. The author describes the use of ‘handicaps’ as a way to restrict “information, independent thoughts, and freedom” (ReadWriteThink1). Vonnegut illustrates this by portraying the agony George had to go through, because of his higher intelligence level: “Every 20 seconds or so, a transmitter would send out sharp noises to keep people from taking unfair advantage

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732 words - 3 pages are not required to create the web pages themselves, although they should be written in an appropriate style. The pages are: 1. Legal Issues The legal issues web page is the first one the back needs to ensure its staff are aware of the following and that the bank takes its obligations to these seriously: • Data Protection Act 1998 • Freedom of Information Act 2000 • Computer Misuse Act 1990 2. Ethical Issues The ethical issues web page needs to

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582 words - 3 pages , I can supervise the government as to be sure that they do their work properly.Moreover, bridge the gap between society and real life is also my concern. Passionate on providing the information of the causes of the accident so as to raise the public awareness of the things going on the social issues.Finally, sincerely hope that I can hold on the mission which inspired by principle of freedom, of information, of expression in my career life with

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450 words - 2 pages disaster happens should any type of freedom be taken away for the people safety. The government would just be able to get away with if Snowden didn’t tell us that the government was spying on us. I believe that Snowden is a hero he showed us what the government was doing and by relishing the information he knew he would be in danger. He put him self in harms way by relishing the information and he can never come home unless the president pardons

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718 words - 3 pages bullying, anti-homophobia responses, violence against women, the stifling of freedom of expression, etc.) · Research your social issue and gather facts, statistics about your topic. · Begin to write your rant; try to echo the style Rick Mercer uses. · Your rant must deal with a challenge to or compromising of the democratic values. A limitation to an individual’s rights and freedom according to the charter is what you are aiming to rant about

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3873 words - 16 pages Henderson 2 The First Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1791 in order to provide Americans with basic rights they demanded. It is the first section of the bill of rights and arguably the most important. This amendment guarantees freedom of speech, religion and press. Due to the first amendment, we Americans are able to express ourselves in ways that wouldn’t be allowed. This is something we are lucky to have as many countries do not

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827 words - 4 pages Last Name 3 First & Last Name English 101/Section # Date Essay #6 Disappointment       "The Story of an Hour" is a short story in which Kate Chopin, the author, presents an often unheard of view of marriage. Mrs. Louise Mallard, Chopin's main character, experiences the exhilaration of freedom rather than the desolation of loneliness after she learns of her husband's death. Later, when Mrs. Mallard learns that her husband, Brently, still lives

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535 words - 3 pages founding fathers would not consent to these actions. Thomas Jefferson would affirm that every person is entitled to liberty, despite what laws might say. In the quote I prefaced the essay with, Benjamin Franklin references the idea of an “essential liberty”. I interpret that expression as one of inalienable rights, like that of the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, privacy, due process of law, and equality before the law. However, the