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Freedom Of Information Essay

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I have been asked to discuss privacy of information, whether information about past law cases should be available to the general public or medical and police records. Should companies be allowed to collect information, peoples address etc.There are a number of databases of information available to the public; an example of one is AustLII (, which is a site that has all information about past cases and a search engine to make it even easier to find out what you want to know about someone. ...view middle of the document...

You would want to know as much about the kind of people you are hiring as well because you don't want to hire someone that has a history of ripping off the employers.I studied a case of sexual harassment that I freely found on the internet ( and the person sewing (The Plaintiff) the Defendant would probably have less of a chance getting a job where a male is the boss because she has had a sexual harassment case before. The reason that she would find it harder to find a job than someone else is because if the person hiring them was to look at their history, they could find out that she had a history of suing people for sexual harassment and wouldn't like to take the chance of being sued themselves.In conclusion, I think that people's records should be accessible to some degree; they should not be recorded on an Internet site as easily accessible as the one I used. Some things like law cases however, should be available to the public as these are things that people have a right to know.

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