FREUD Theory: 1. Psychodynamic Theory: A Topology Of The Mind - Durham - Notes

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Consumer psychology lecture 2
1. Psychodynamic theory: A topology of the mind
‘心靈的配置configuration of the mind’
· Hysteria conscious (small)
‘Part of the mind that holds what you are aware of’
Can verbalize about your conscious experience and you can think about it in a logical fashion
· 10% of the minds work is made up of conscious
· not explain those random events created within the mind
· Its ability to direct your focus.
· Its ability to imagine that which is not real
· Psychological Determinism preconscious (small-medium)
‘Ordinary memory’
Things stored here aren’t in the conscious, they can be readily brought into conscious.
· storage point for any recent memories needed for quick recall
· i.e. current recurring thoughts, behavior patterns, habits, and feelings
· serves as the minds random access memory (RAM)
· can be seen as the source of dreams and automatic thoughts
I.e. those that appear without any apparent cause
· the repository of forgotten memories
I.e. that may still be accessible to consciousness at some later time
· locus of implicit knowledge
I.e. the things that we have learned so well that we do them without thinking
· Dynamic Unconscious unconscious (enormous)
‘Freud felt that this part of the mind was not directly accessible to awareness’
*Urges, feelings and ideas that are tied to anxiety, conflict and pain
These feelings and thoughts have not disappeared and according to Freud, they are there, exerting influence on our actions and our conscious awareness.
This is where most of the work of the Id, Ego, and Superego take place.
· Only 10% of an iceberg is visible (conscious)
· Other 90% is beneath the water (preconscious and unconscious)
· The Preconscious is allotted approximately 10% -15%
· Unconscious is allotted an overwhelming 75%-80%
The Id, Ego, and Superego
Freud's personality theory (1923) saw the psyche structured into three parts (i.e., tripartite)
1. ID
Primitive 原始and instinctual 本能part of the mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives and hidden memories
“It consists of all the inherited (i.e., biological) components of personality present at birth, including the sex (life) instinct – Eros愛神 (which contains the libido性慾), and the aggressive (death) instinct本能” - Thanatos
· Basic instinct and desire.
· The primal source of wants, needs and impulses, both aggressive and sexual
· Reason and common sense
· Tries to balance the desires of the id with the morality of the super ego
· Impulsive and unconscious
· Responds directly and immediately to the instincts
· E.g. personality of the new born child = ID
· not in touch with the external world
· primary process thinking = primitive, illogical, irrational and fantasy oriented
· no comprehension of objective reality, and is selfish and wishful in nature
· Works by chaotic and unreasonable
Moral conscience道德良知
· Morality and ideals.
· Seeks social acceptance and creates guilt when id or ego fail to meet those ideals
· It develops around the ...

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