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Friends Essay

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Friends When you tell a friend a secret you usually tell them because you trust them that they won't back stab you in telling others about your secret. When you help a friend in a tough situation or defend her when someone talks bad about her you usually expect the same treatment back. When you think about your close or best friend you usually think that they will always be there for you and that if a conflict ever occurred both you and your friend would be able to resolve it. I had a friend that I thought was one of my closest friends I told her everything there was to know about me. She back stabbed me twice before and now she did it for the third time. I couldn't take it any ...view middle of the document...

In the end of that situation no one told my mom because she found out from me, so I forgave Rebeca and told her that if she ever back stabbed me again I will never trust her again. The third back stab I think was the worst because the consequences that occurred were really bad between my parents and I. I told Rebeca about this guy I was going out with and I told her that she was not allowed to tell Shawn's ex-girl friend about it because she would turn crazy about the news. Well, what she did was a repeat of the first incident because she ended up telling the ex. about Shawn and I. Right after the ex. found out about it she went straight to my parents and told them a bunch of lies. She told them that I stool her boyfriend and some other things that parents would not like to hear about there daughter. Ninety percent of everything she said were lies and when I got home that night I got in worse trouble. Thank God that my parents didn't believe her in most of the negative things she said about me, but they didn't like the fact that I did have a boyfriend. The way that situation was resolved was my parents wanted to meet my boyfriend, but before they even had that chance we broke up. After that situation I told Rebeca that I forgave her, but I was not going to trust her anymore because she did the same thing before. Well, after that happened she back stabbed me the third time , but this...

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