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From "Looking Out Looking In" Tenth Edition Ronald B Adler. Assignment For Interpersonal Communications Class

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--The assignment is given in the "Looking Out Looking In" College text book. The experiement was in Chapter 6.--Prove for yourself the role that eye contact plays in social influence by trying a simple experiment.Invitation to Insight--The Eyes have itThe world is a funny place. Each person going along their day in their own bubble they have formed. Some are eagerly accepting of letting a person in. Others are so self indulgent that they get angry when their time is taken away from them. We go along day to day with our own experiences, trying to live day to day with the least bumps in the road. What are we afraid of? This weekend some people were afraid of me. I picked a location for ...view middle of the document...

Which gave me a good idea to see if someone else would let me make a long distance call on their cell phone, they were happy to until I told them I was calling another country. Brazil is not a popular place to call to from a cell phone I guess. This is were I started getting more and more gutsy and thought since I needed to get some lettuce from Kroger I would find different victims in there. This is where I learned that behavior out of the norm really is not that accepted especially when it comes to peoples foods in their cart. Scenario 1: Lady is standing with her cart to the right of her looking on the shelf. I walked up and started digging through her cart. She turned, with her hands on the cart and just looked at me. She did not say a word. I did not look at her I just kept moving the stuff around in her cart as if I was looking for that perfect box of Macaroni and Cheese. Finally, after about a minute I looked up at her. I did not want to see how far I could have really gone since she seemed so incredibly nice about the whole thing. I turned to her and just could not hold it together. She had this look on her face that broke me. It was a look like; what in the world are you doing, I know you are not really digging through my cart. I bet she thought she must be on America's funniest Video's or something because her look was priceless. I thought I was onto something.Scenario 2: Another woman, with a couple items in her basket. I nice big bag of apples looked great to me, so I asked her if I could take them from her. I explained that I did not want to walk all the way back over to produce and the bag that she had looked just perfect. She looked at me wide eyed and asked, "You're kidding right? No you can't have them." I insisted and said how much it would help me and she still refused. She did not want to walk all the way back over their either. I would not look at her and I think she thought that I was going to steal them because she was very protective of her cart after I walked away. Scenario 3: I asked a couple who had a case of Diet Caffeine free Coke in their cart if I could have it. I expressed that they have the last one, and I could not find anymore. Simple request to take theirs. I got two different...

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