From Protecting The Environment To Preserving Ecological Systems

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INTRODUCTIONThe idea of ​​protecting the environment has its origins in the second half of the nineteenth century. In Europe, it emerged from the movement in response to the dynamic process of industrialization and urban sprawl, and an increasing level of air and water pollution. The United States was founded as a result of growing concerns about the state of the natural resources of the country, supported by key philosophical references such outstanding individuals like John Muir or Henry David Thoreau. Both conservation priorities, as well as the belief in the hereditary nature of the law are the foundations for today's efforts to protect the environment. In the twenti ...view middle of the document...

The latter principle counterbalanced rights of fishing with the duty to take measures of conservation.1987: The Montreal Convention on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is a legally binding treaty for the control of ozone depleting substances. The 2006 Montreal Protocol controls the use of ninety-six chemicals and sets forth a detailed schedule for their phase out with differing targets and deadlines for developed and developing countries.1987: The report of the World Commission on Environment and Development Our Common Future introduced the concept of sustainable development as ensuring that development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."1988: The creation of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has provided the lead for the growing international consensus on the global problems presented by climate change.1992: The UN Conference on Environment and Development-known also as the Earth Summit-took stock of progress since the Stockholm conference, linked environmental protection to poverty eradication, and emphasized priorities for the least-developed and most environmentally vulnerable countries. The summit concluded by agreeing to Agenda 21 for achieving sustainable development in the twenty-first century as well as opening for signature the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity.2007: The IPCC's fourth assessment report presented a comprehensive statement of knowledge on all aspects of climate change. The report's major finding is not only that evidence for global warming and climate change is unequivocal, but that the human influence behind this change is now beyond doubt, largely the result of increases in carbon emissions.Creation of UNEPIn 1969, UN Secretary-General U Thant presents a report that justifies the need for a global approach to environmental protection and the need to protect all of its elements. The report identified global risks, and proposed program of the conference, which was held in 1972 in Stockholm. The consequence of the Stockholm conference was the establishment of UN agencies as the United Nations Program for the Environment (United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP), whose aim is to universal development of environmental law.United Nations Environment Programme UNEP carries out its global mission under the banner of the Environment for Development (Environment for Development) based on the premise that a harmonious and smooth development of mankind is impossible without adequate state of the environment and care for the sustainable management of our planet. UNEP task is to serve as a global leader and promote a global partnership of international organizations, national governments, NGOs, business and industry, the media and society to care for the environment.Action and CooperationThe main areas of UNEP:environmental assessment and anticipated changes in glob...


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376 words - 2 pages Among the most harmful and dangerous non-metal compunds are nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulphide. These can cause devastating effects to human beings, plants, animals and the environment. Matals are generaly less harmful, although lead is extremely toxic.Hydrogen sulphide is a highly toxic gas. It has a very bad smell, often identified in rotten eggs and stink bombs. Hydrogen sulphide

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3873 words - 16 pages everybody is allowed to express that reason freely! We all benefit daily from people feeling free to speak and voice their opinions. It does not matter the size of the issue, we are able to speak for or against it without worrying about being prosecuted. We are able to read, watch and learn about what is going on in other countries and be thankful that we have the first amendment protecting us. Americans get to make the US what they want it to

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1180 words - 5 pages required all six major car brands sell two percent of their vehicles as Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV), increasing to five percent in 2001 and ten percent in 2003. Tesla also had to factor in the emissions made from the factories producing the electricity powering their vehicles although they still found that the factories produced only 2/3 the amount of emissions of gas cars. Overall, the Tesla Model S is a much healthier car for the environment. For

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