From Shore To Shore Theatre Review 2019 East 15 Acting School 2018 Assignment

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From shore to shore at Chung Ying Cantonee restaurant
Chung Ying Cantonese 
From shore to shore at the chung Ying Cantonese restaurant, written by Mary Copper and directed by Yellow Earths co-founder and former Artistic Director David K S Tse, is an intriguing play staged in Chinese restaurants around UK. The play follws cheung Wing (beatufully played by Ozzie Yue) and explores his stories from three different generations of people from British Chinese communities. Accompnied by live music, three language (English, Cantonese and mandarin) and a two course Chinese meal, sensibly derved uo either side , rather than during, the play. I thourhgoly enjoyed the food aspect of the show for several reasons. The obvious one being how tasty the food was and the second is that it served the story. Food plays a pivotal role in the chinese culture and we are constaly reminded of this when learnin of the three stories. The experience of eating delisiocus chinese food in a restaurant and watching a play about Asian culture gave athe audience a very unqiue and highly sensual experience. The majority of the script is in English with small sections of Cantonese and Mandarin, but it is always clear to the audience, regardless of race and background, what is happening. The cast of 7 all takes part in multirolling bt the transitions were skilfully performed without any confusion giving the play a high-energy pace. Thre nature of the play means the story jumps from stories to stories in very shirt...

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