From The Past From My Earlier Childhood And It Goes Deep Into It And Makes People Cry. Jk Lol English Essay

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,” is what I truly believe in. The ability
to do what they say delights me, but to those who claim, but don't do should be disheartened with
themselves. Actions can be stronger than words can help you strengthen a relationship, get stronger, and
unify a team.
This past summer, I asked out my beautiful girlfriend. We were getting along very well. We did
not hang out much due to the amount of homework I received. She was getting so frustrated about
choosing homework over her. On our one month anniversary, she asked me “do you love me cause it does
not seem like it.” I responded with an “of course!” She explained how I do not show any interest in her at
all. It made sense because I would tell her that we can hang out but later will cancel on her due to my
priorities in finishing my homework on time. Knowing this, I brought her flowers and her favorite
Starbucks drink and gave it to her the next day at her house. I told her I made arrangements in my
schedule so I can hang out with her twice a week every week. This action weakens my relationship very
much. My efforts were too late. My actions spoke louder than just saying “of course,” I did not know I
was ruining something I thought I loved and cherished. I ruined my first love. It was too late to fix this.
In my life, I was always told that I was skinny. Many people said this, even my doctor. I told
myself that in the summer I am going to work out a lot to get stronger. I told myself this for four years,
and I did not do anything to get stronger. I would always find a reason not to do a workout. I was so lazy
to do it. I had no confidence in myself or body. I finally decided to do something about my skinniness.
After a couple of days, I wanted to give up. I woke up sore each day. The next week I made the workout

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