Fulfilled Promises And Celebrations - Jones College/comp 1 - Essay

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Martin 1
Taylor Martin
ENG 1113, Period F/G
Mrs. Dahmer
16 October 2017
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Fulfilled Promises and Celebrations
Frost- spikes hung off her window sill like a phantom’s glossy fingers. The sweet pine
scent of the tree spread throughout the room, mixed with oaken oven smells. Her ears purred to
the jolly music as she danced like a leaf in the wind. The rainbow-colored lights blinked and
filled the room with happiness as her family joined together as a whole. On this time of night, the
celebrations were special, and all wishes were supposed to come true. ​She closed her little green
eyes to cherish the promise of a peaceful night.
Outside the window, the world beamed a shade of crystal white. The small gust of cool
wind slapped the young girl in her face as she breathed in the crispy air from inside her home.
Nothing was able to keep this child’s mind together other than the breeze howling through the
window. She heard an angelic voice of her mother yelling to aid her in the kitchen. Creamy,
smooth milk sat on the brown tiled counter along with the warm, sugar filled cookies. The young
child’s desire was to make sure this family holiday did not end up like the rest. The star- flash of
tinsel glittered above the hearth of the fire. A sunrise of heat warmed up the room, and she was
content. The stars beamed through the rectangular window and created a sense of security within
the child.
Meanwhile, hot chocol...

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