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Game Of Thrones Social Interaction Introduction To Sociology Essay

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Game of Thrones:
Social Class Interaction
Sociology 125-5440
The TV show that I have chosen to write my sociological reflection on is Game of Thrones and the interactions between the different social classes within the show. Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama based in fictional continent called Westeros. IT has medieval themes that includes dragons, magic, religion, social clout and mythical creatures. Like all societies, Game of Thrones has many social classes, and the most prominent ones from the bottom to the top of the ladder are illegitimate children, common folk, Lords and Kings.
In chapter 11 of the Revel reading we learn about ancestry and ow it affects our lives before we are born. The illegitimate children in the show, even born to noble parents, are on a scale lower than peasants and the poor. They do not carry the family name, do not inherit land or money, and are typically outsourced to jobs not connected to their family. They are ostracized and condemned from birth for the acts of their parents. They are not treated well and are made aware often that they are “no one.” You see this type of behavior in blended families (perhaps not as severe) in blended families. There are some Husband/Wives that resent their partners previous children, and/or possibly children that have come into the relationship out of acts of adultery.
The common folk within the show are your everyday “John and Jane” characters. Some have money, some are barely making ends meet. They are the “fillers” of this society if you will. However, it is their jobs that keep the kingdom functioning. Within this class I believe you would find great examples of functionalism and social conflict. The “elite” of this class would think it’s necessary to keep the less privileged working in lesser positions to keep the wheel of functionalism turning. Or that the “elite” is keeping resources to themselves and not sharing with all the common folk.
Next are the Lords. These are the individuals who are given sections of Westeros to govern on behest of the King/Queen. They are essentially nobility. They are rule and are treated as if they are thing King/Queen. They live in castles and keep. Some of the Lords will battle with their soldiers, while others send people to do it for them. Some take great care of their people, and some let them die for their own greed. There are lower houses that live like the common folk, working just as hard as they do, socializing on a daily basis. Whilst there are those that won’t even hold court with the common folk.
Lastly, we have the King/Queen of Westeros. The one that sits upon the iron throne and rules the seven kingdoms. From the beginning of Game of Thrones, the kings that have ruled have been relatively useless, and the only reason why the Kingdom continued to function is due to the 7 Lords ruling them.
The social interactions of these groups vary on what is needed of each other. The King/Queen may need a squire, so a common folk family is...

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