Gandhi's Early Life And Later Life World History And Geography Research Paper

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By: Dylan Grigonis
Mohandas Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi. Also known as Mahatma the great soul,
was the "father of modern India". He originally came from Western India, a city called
Porbandar. He was born on 2nd October 1869. Gandhi was on of the youngest of the three sons
of Karamchand Gandhi, who was a Prime Minister successively in Porbandar, Rajkot and
Vankaner States. Gandhi's mother was Putlibai, Karamchand Gandhi's fourth wife.
In 1876 he attended a primary school in Rajkot until the twelfth year. Later on he was
engaged to Kasturbai. In 1881 Gandhi want on to do further education in a high school (in
Rajkot). Two years later in 1883 he marries Kasturbai. In 1887 Gandhi joins Samaldas College at
Bhavnagar (Kathiawar), but gives up studies at close of first term. After that he went to England
to study Law. Which got him a job later on his life in South Africa.
The life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, who used nonviolent resistance to persuade his
people (in India) to seek freedom from British rule in the 1940s. Mahatma Gandhi did the salt
march. Gandhi also tried as much as he could to keep Hindus and Muslims to together. Gandhi
allowed the lowest caste, the untouchables to join the ashram; wealthy Hindus protested and
stopped giving financial aid. Basically Gandhi tried to win equal rights for all Indians.
After the Amritsar Gandhi became the leader of India's main political party for 50 years.
It was called the Indian National Congress. However he went to prison for seven years for
disobeying the British rules. Although people admired Gandhi's beliefs. In 1934 he retired, as
head of the party but remained its actual leader. Mahatma Gandhi's death was on Jan. 30, 1948.
This all happen hen the Hindu- Muslim riots where going on and Gandhi turned to non-violence.
He fasted until the rioters promised peace to him. A Hindu who had been angered by the
Mahatma's efforts to settle Hindus and Muslims. Put his life to an end with three pistol shots. As
the first bullet struck, Gandhi's foot, which was in motion, descend to the ground, but he
remained standing. The second bullet struck; blood began to stain Gandhi's white clothes.
Gandhi murmured. "Hey, Rama (Oh, God)." A third shot happened. The limp body settled to the
ground. His spectacles dropped to the earth. The leather sandals slipped from his feet.Mahatma
Gandhi devoted his life mainly to help others, in Ahimsa, non-violence and Hindu - Muslim
riots, he was largely inspired by the Gita- the Hindu holy book. Basically he believed everyone
should have equal rights. His successes in life were when he studied law in England, got a job in
South Africa, when he did the salt march, identified himself with the untouchables- which are
India's poorest people.In an effort to help free India from the British rule, Mahatma Gandhi once

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