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Since the beginning of the decade, teenage homicides increased by one hundred and fifty percent (Strout, Brian 1996). This sharp increase is largely due to the rapid formation of gang activity throughout the United States (Strout, Brian, 1996). In today's larger cities, gang violence is a reality that people have to deal with every day. As gang related crimes increase, officials are trying to find out why people join and remain loyal to gangs. Unfortunately, experts can only hypothesize explanations for gang involvement. However, by studying societies influence on humans, there is evidence to blame several forces. These speculations include the forces of peer pressure, broken families, g ...view middle of the document...

In a fully developed community, a network of relations can be found among several parents. The relationship could be a parent, teacher, and minister, depending on the child's circumstances. In South Central Los Angeles, this communication can not be found, so students turn to gangs for companionship. In a classroom with no security, students could be distracted from learning, and thus distraced from the network. Furthermore, in poor families with many children, or upper-middle class families where parents are always working, children will often feel deprived of love. Parents often feel that putting food on the table is enough love. Children from families often go to the gang out of boredom. As time goes on, a form of kinship develops between the gang members and the child. It is then that the bond between the kid and the gang is completed because the gang has effectively replaced the family. Although this may be a feeling for belonging, statistics show that seventy percent of gang members cheat and steal from the people they call friends.In every gang, problems occur as each male tries to be the most courageous. This often leads to all members participating in 'one-up-manship.' Quite often this starts a domino effect where each member tries to commit a bigger and more violent crime. With all members participating in this sort of activity, it makes a never ending, unorganized violence spree. In gangs with organization, members feed off these feelings, and each member desires to be the star when the group commits a crime. This makes a gang much more organized and improves the morals of members. It also makes the gang more dangerous and very hard for the police to deal with and catch. There is nothing harder to find and deal with than organized teens that are dedicated to the group. According to the LA Times, 30% of all organized crime goes unsolved (Wesbrach 1996). This form of gang is usually common with the middle or upper class. Furthermore, the same forms have been reported near the projects and other low rent districts too. This 'one-up-manship' is often the reason for rival gangs fighting. Gangs want to feel powerful and feared. To do this they establish themselves as the only gang in a certain neighborhood. After several gang fights, hatred forms then the desire to murder ends in drive-by-shootings. When two or more gangs are at war, it makes life very dangerous for citizens in the area. Less that 40% of drive-by-shootings kill their intended victim, yet over 60% do kill someone (Suburban Gangs 1996).In addition, one of the great factors in determining to joining a gang is protection. In slums such as the Bronx, children will be beaten and robbed if they do not participate in a gang. Most people see that joining a gang brings danger. However, this is not the way it is seen by kids. Gang leaders also provide money for member who need to feed their families. After members receive money, they often feel that the leaders are watching out ...


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1438 words - 6 pages the national collection on gang activity in the United States. This enables gang investigators and analysts to identify links between gangs and gang investigations, to further identify gangs and gang members, to learn the full scope of their criminal activities and enterprises, to determine which gangs pose the greatest threat to the United States, to identify trends in gang activity and migration, and to guide them in coordinating their

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2840 words - 12 pages %). Aggravated assaults were the most reported violent crime, with 1,231 reported last year. 559 robberies, 312 rapes, and 20 murders were also reported last year. In addition to the crimes reported above, the police department reports include gang violence statistics. The most reported gang activity last year was 100 cases of aggravated assault. This was followed by 40 robberies, 38 simple assaults, and 20 homicides. From the five years of data available

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2119 words - 9 pages declined in the past 5 years, as reported by Parks and Recreation Department, making up 16% of shared arrest charges. Aggravated assault is the most common crime in the city with 1,200 reports, robbery at 550 cases, and murder almost at zero. Gang related aggravated assault is a much greater case than homicide and within the past few years aggravated assault and homicide has decreased as simple assault and robbery is on the rise. A windshield

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5075 words - 21 pages reported hospitalizations were due to dog bites.) (Sentinel City 2018). Each area exhibits this garbage and debris to a certain extent, but the Industrial Heights area, by far, has the most visible areas of waste. Here we see buildings that are covered in gang- related graffiti and others that are boarded up. The outward appearance of these buildings makes one wonder if the interiors are even suitable to be inhabited. A functioning Bodega appears

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1819 words - 8 pages Free specifically is the D.A.R.E program. Officers came to visit the class gave handouts played a few games and even taught us a song. After a couple of class meetings we graduated from the program and received a certificate but how effective was this program to the intended audience and did this deter the participants of the program from committing the acts of gang violence and drugs. When these programs are formed there appear to be a lot of questions as