Gap Year And Experience During That Time Chaminade Madonna Essay

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Nowadays, gap year is a common thing for graduated high school students. Some people would argue that it would be more beneficial for them to take a gap year. However, some would claim that there is more disadvantages than benefits if one does not attend college or university right away. From my point of view, both have their own strengths and drawbacks. Comment by Tara Weinberg: article Comment by Tara Weinberg: reword Comment by Tara Weinberg: s-v agreement Comment by Tara Weinberg: NICE!
On the one hand, taking a gap year would help one gain more experience. In other words, if one can take use of opportunities for work or travel, he or she would become more experienced in every perspectives of life such as behaving at work, know how to use the money that one earns, and more importantly, this would help them broaden their horizons which would really essential for building career ladder in the future. Besides, a year gap is the perfect time for one to recharge after twelve years at the schools, take his or her time to relax, to explore more, it is necessary to acknowledge that not only is gap year a useful time to refresh themselves, but also they would have more time to think about their ideal colleges or be carefully prepared for the next school year. Comment by Tara Weinberg: singular Comment by Tara Weinberg: parallel agreement Comment by Tara Weinberg:...

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