Gay Marriage: Same Love, Same Privileges

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I believe that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Sexual preference has nothing to do with how well a person or a couple can raise a child. The foster care and adoption systems of today are overloaded with children in need of a home. Adoption is a gift to couples that cannot have children of their own, or for couples that choose to take in children who need homes. Thus Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children and provide them in a loving home if that is what the couple wishes to do. Gay couples are as capable if not more, to raise children in a loving caring house hold. It is extremely important for children to grow up in stable and loving environments. In a study taken from an ACLU fact sheet, the information suggests "not a single study has found the children or lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged of their parents' sexual orientation" (American). Some peoplemay argue that it is unnatural and unhealthy for children to grow up in this environment, on the other hand the ACLU reports "The children of lesbian and gay parents grow up as happy, health and well-adjusted as the children of hetero-sexual parents" (Gay). A Gay couple is just as capable of providing love and nourishment as well as a straight couple could. Most of these children are coming from the foster care system and need stability and support to stabilize their lives, as is confirmed "Children become victims ofthe "foster care shuffle"" (American). If a gay couple can provide their adopted child with the love and support they need then there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to adopt. There are many problems in the adoption and foster care system. Children are taken out of their homes and could be in foster care for years before receiving permanent homes, as one source confirms "3,400 kids in Florida are ready to be adopted, waiting in foster ca...


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752 words - 4 pages Free , family leave, confidentiality of conversations and the right to decide what to do with a partner's body after death. Same sex marriage is nothing more that the union of two people that care, love, and want to make commitments to each other. Those commitments cannot be recognized unless same sex marriage is legalized.Lesbians and gay men choose to become parents for the same reasons heterosexuals do: to import their love, their knowledge and

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554 words - 3 pages Lauterborn 1 Brendan Lauterborn Professor Theis English 104 October 3, 2017 The Conservative Argument for Same-sex Marriage The Conservative argument for gay marriage is almost unheard of. Theodore Olsen is the author of a column called “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”. He worked for Reagan and Bush. Olsen has a very strong legal background as he has argued fifty-eight times before the supreme court. Olsen is in fact a conservative

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487 words - 2 pages of this ongoing subject and express my personal thoughts on how same sex marriage should not be shamed anywhere even if some may think it messes with many people’s ethics and morals with this difficult subject.  This non-stop struggle for marriage equality has been going on since even before the medieval times all the way to the present. Some people would get shunned from their communities just because of the fact that they were gay. It was not

Research Proposal Same Sex Marriage By Julz Matheney This proposal deals with rights and the proposed Marriage Ammendment

266 words - 2 pages Research ProposalSame Sex Marriage and the Proposed Federal Marriage AmendmentFocus of ResearchSame sex marriage has been one of the many recent political "hot" topics. It is a popular subject in political debate, national newspapers, and media coverage. These debates, articles, and reports are often focusing on rights outlined in constitutional laws, amendments and Bill of Rights as a source of the right of same sex couples to marry. Some

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1216 words - 5 pages two adults who love each other, regardless of their genders. There are many reasons why I believe this, those include: same sex marriage won’t affect the sanctity of marriage, people don’t have the right to force their views on someone else, and it would be beneficial to non-homosexual people. One of the most commonly used arguments against same sex marriage is that it would somehow diminish the sanctity of marriage for heterosexual couple

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492 words - 2 pages Francesca Ciritella 3^I scientifico Bologna, 31 marzo 2013ESSAY: GAY MARRIAGEThe same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is a political topic difficult to be accepted from everyone. Even though they are not legally recognized, homosexual couples have always existed in every society. The debate is more and more vivid because there are no common points between opponents and proponents.Opponents claim that revising the traditional definition

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1377 words - 6 pages defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. There are financial, economic and other special rights granted to married couples, however these rights are denied to gay marriages.Marriage is the highest expression of love between two people, how can we allow the government to decide whom we can and cannot love? If we were to ban same sex marriage we would be taking a huge step backward in civil rights. Not allowing two men or two women to

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1251 words - 6 pages his famous Meet the Press speech of 1999, the leader of our nation stated, "I am against gay marriage because I believe that marriage is for men and women . . . I don't support gay adoption either because I believe that society ought to aim for the ideal, and the ideal is for a man and a woman to adopt children" ("Can You Adopt"1). The gay / lesbian community should continue in its search for equality. Individuals should be educated to understand

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623 words - 3 pages Persuasive Essay - Gay and Lesbian Rights "If anyone says, 'I love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen cannot love God, whom he has not seen," John 4:20. So, why do heterosexual people hate homosexuals? They are ordinary people with a different lifestyle who would simply like to be treated with respect. Many organized religions believe that a 'gay' lifestyle is wrong. But, if

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1140 words - 5 pages to decide who should and should not be allowed to get married. The United States prides itself on separating issues of the church from state related issues, and it must do the same with this one. Though some religious groups may have problems with allowing homosexuals to marry, America as a whole must not be so restrictive. The American government must look at marriage as strictly a financial issue, because the only parts of marriage that the government actually gets involved in are the financial issues. Let line #3a be filled by anyone, gay or straight.

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792 words - 4 pages Free Running head: ADOPTION IN SAME-SEX COUPLES 1 ADOPTION IN SAME-SEX COUPLES 5 Adoption in Same-Sex Couples Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Adoption in Same-Sex Couples Introduction Same-sex couples in the U.S. have faced and are still facing tribulations in their quest for happiness and the creation of a family. Currently, the LGBT community has crossed the first bridge, which is the legalization of same-sex marriage

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3401 words - 14 pages Free mental disorder, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II) in 1973, and in 1974 the first openly LGBT person was elected to public office (CDC, 2019). Same Sex Marriage and Benefits It has been since 1970, when the first gay couple were declined a marriage license application escalating their case to the state Supreme Court, that same-sex marriage has been

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2539 words - 11 pages right.One major discriminatory difference between the states and territories of Australia is in regard to the inconsistencies of anti-discrimination legislations regarding same sex relationship recognition, equal age of consent, immigration, gay domestic violence and gay youth suicide. Interestingly enough, though most international human rights treaties contain provisions against discrimination, none specifically mention sexual orientation

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746 words - 3 pages . Many get kicked out with no place to call home or others repress their feelings so they aren’t treated like others if they come saying they’re gay. Many were looked down upon from the start because of the color of their skin, but they didn’t care what others thought of them love is love. The year of 2015, was when same-sex marriage was legalized throughout the United States.  People go their whole lives without telling anyone their sexuality because

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1100 words - 5 pages believe that a relationship consists of a man and a woman, not a man and a man nor a woman and a woman. (Novak and Langenberg). However, abandoned children live out in the world looking for a home. They would love to have someone, almost anyone, as a parent. Brown 2 Other people think a higher chance of sexual assault, abuse, or a higher likelihood of being gay, or any part of the queer community occurs having same sex parents. However, no data has