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Gay Marriage: Same Love, Same Privileges

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I believe that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Sexual preference has nothing to do with how well a person or a couple can raise a child. The foster care and adoption systems of today are overloaded with children in need of a home. Adoption is a gift to couples that cannot have children of their own, or for couples that choose to take in children who need homes. Thus Gay couples should be allowed to adopt children and provide them in a loving home if that is what the couple wishes to do. Gay couples are as capable if not more, to raise children in a loving caring house hold. It is extremely important for children to grow up in stable and loving environments. In a study taken from an ACLU fact sheet, the information suggests "not a single study has found the children or lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged of their parents' sexual orientation" (American). Some peoplemay argue that it is unnatural and ...view middle of the document...

There are many problems in the adoption and foster care system. Children are taken out of their homes and could be in foster care for years before receiving permanent homes, as one source confirms "3,400 kids in Florida are ready to be adopted, waiting in foster care" (Let). During these years foster children can be moved from home to home before being adopted, a child can be stuck into 20 or more homes before turning 18, thus increasing emotional and delinquency problems (American).This can be a very unhealthy way to grow up and could eventually have negative outcomes in the child's future. Because of the high number of foster children on low number of foster parents, children can potentially wait years to be paced with a permanent family. Currently there are 500,000 children in foster homes, and 100,000 needs to be adopted (American). Therefore I do not believe the system can afford to turn down any qualified couples, gay or straight, as long as they are willing to adopt a child into a loving family. Children who have grown up in families with straight couples have the ability to turn out as well-rounded individuals. A "debate and poll" insists "good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation, rather it is influenced most profoundly by a parents ability to create a loving and nurturing home--an ability that does not depend on weather a parent is gay or straight" (Gay). Children of gay parents have the opportunity from a young age to learn some of life's most important characteristics.These consist of becoming companionate, non-judgmental, diversity, and tolerance of other customs. When grown up with gay parents the child learns to accept these struggles,while it may take others a life time to achieve this. Therefore children growing up in same sex families learn how to be well-rounded and non-bias toward others. As a result I strongly believe that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. I believe that homosexuality is a moral issue that should not affect weather a couple should be allowed to raise a child. Adoption is truly a gift, for the child and parents, regardless of sexual preference.

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