Gender And Power How These Two Thing Shape Society Fem Studies Essay

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Jasmin Mejia
Soc 1.
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Due Date: February 2nd, 2018
Gender and Power
“Gender” and “power”: when I hear those two words I automatically think men over women. Gender is very much present in power relations. When it comes to being a woman I automatically think about being powerless, or someone who is obedient and accommodates for others. On the other hand when I think of men the thing that comes to mind is possessing power and control. The ways that the genders are looked at really maintain the gender inequalities that they connect with.
The way I look at it is that in today's society men and women think it’s not okay for women to speak their mind which creates borders when it comes to women and decision making. These stereotypes are present today in lots of places in society, for example, the family. In lots of families the man is supposed to be the one to work and make money while the mother is expected to stay home, cook, clean and in some instances even care for the children. Even when growing up gender inequality shows in the household. From a young age girls and boys are taught what is expected of them. As they grow older they are treated differently by their parents. The girls are usually more sheltered and confined while being closely supervised. As girls are growing up they are assigned to do the household chores but the boys are not. The boys have more expectations set up for them. Like expectations for them not to let their emotions show because that makes them less of a man. They are expected to be strong emotionally and physically. Although lots of marriages are trying to push toward making society a place of more equality, they are so accustomed to the way things are that it is difficult for them to make a change in society. Men to some extent still have greater power in the family.
In today's society, there are more open-minded people when it comes equality in the workplace, politics and even at home. In the old days the women were not allowed to work because it was the man's responsibility to look after his family; while the woman's job was to prepare everything in the house so when her partner got home he just had to sit in the dining room for dinner. While many women were fine with this concept, lots of women were against it’s because they wanted to work. Many women that take on the role of the “perfect housewife” aren't expected to work but in today's society, there are so many single mothers that it wouldn't make sense for the women not to work. In my opinion, it is important for women to work because it gives them a sense of self and the ability to expand their horizons and it helps to raise a child into the mindset that a woman can bring up her family without the help of a man. This helps women become more “Equal” to man in regards to society.
In my family, the women are the ones that work, cook, clean, and take care of the children. Growing up in this kind of household made me more open-minded when it comes to the inequalities still present today. The debate about women and their responsibilities as partners differ depending on who you speak to. Some men will say its the woman's responsibility to keep the house clean and have dinner ready, and please him sexually because she is his partner and that is her “job”; other men will say that a man and women should share the same responsibilities. Even some women will say that it is their job to stay home and take care of the kids. This is a great example of how long there has been inequality that women are actually starting to believe that their place in this world is to serve a man. Plenty of women in today's society; a lot of them being feminist feel that a women’s job can be the same job as a man. If a man can be President then so can a woman. A woman actually ran for President in 2016. I believe she lost this election for the sole reason that the country we live in has yet to actually envision that a woman can properly lead us to greatness. The education system also failed to comply with equality by not giving women the right to a proper education as men received. Having an education was merely a dream for many women. All they could do was be stuck housekeeping while watching the male figures in their household do what they weren't allowed to do. Women should have the same rights as a man. Just because you don't have the right genitalia makes you less of a person and gives you the least power?
Even in today’s educational system, the female education is not as important as the male’s. If a female goes to school in a tank top or ripped jeans she will be sent home to change for causing a distraction to the male eye; yet the males don't get any repercussion for sexualising the woman because it’s still believed it is okay for men to see women as nothing but a sex object. While the men are able to go about their day with sagging pants causing discomfort to women because they would much rather not have to see such a view. A man can walk around shirtless and many people see that as sexy and a form of masculinity; yet if a woman does it then it is highly frowned upon and is said to provoke a man to do such things like harassment and even sexual assault. Yet in the man’s defense, the woman was asking for it by her attire or lack of it. In the end, my opinion is that everyday women can become closer to having gender equality; they are getting to the point where they are getting raises in pay because they are fighting for it, they are able to be in politics and they are fighting for there right to be looked at as human not just as a woman or man and even in some case transgender or asexual. We are all equal and we all abide by the same rules and laws so if we are doing the same job we should get paid the same. If someone is in a relationship the work should be split evenly there shouldn't be a type of stigma like “you do this because I'm doing that” but more of “here let me give you hand, because I want to help” type of ideology. We should all be treated equally although not all of us feel that way it is the most humane thing to do.


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